Print Marketing Tips | Everything A Business Owner Should Know About Designing Marketing Collateral That Wows And Converts

Print Marketing Tips | Everything A Business Owner Should ...

Print Marketing Tips | In today’s saturated marketplace, it has become vitally important for small businesses to present a professional appearance to stay competitive. The printed marketing materials are a crucial, yet often overlooked, element of any marketing strategy, playing a vital role in promoting your products and services to both new and existing clients. And effective collateral isn’t just for big brands. Right now, you have the same resources available to you that corporations like Apple, Facebook, and Samsung have used to become the most recognizable brands in the world.

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Marketing collateral items can tell your business story, so that people understand who you are and what you can do for them. They help build your brand, so that people understand your value proposition. However, you could print a million business cards, brochures, stickers or postcards, but if they haven’t been designed well, then they won’t work to promote your business, product, service or event. Print marketing works best when designers and business owners can easily work together, so it helps when both parties know at least the basics of each other’s craft. Here’s what you as a business owner need to know about marketing collateral design.

Create A Style Guide | Print Marketing Tips

One of the biggest challenges for business owners is keeping all the moving parts together in a way that is cohesive. Cohesion across your brand and marketing materials is one of the best investments you can make in your business because it supercharges everything you do. It’s crucial you work with an experienced designer to define a style guide that will ensure consistency across all your marketing collateral. This guide keeps everyone on the same page when ti comes to using your logo, fonts, key graphics, slogans and brand-oriented words.

Print Marketing Tips | Everything A Business Owner Should ...

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Simplicity Never Fails | Print Marketing Tips

As a good rule of thumb, you should avoid cluttered marketing materials, as they are less effective at grabbing your potential client’s attention than materials that demonstrate simplicity in appearance. Keeping the information simple, concise and easy to read is vital when writing your marketing copy. Use a graphic grid to align the different elements in an orderly fashion to make it easy on your audience. Don’t let it get too cluttered. Things like how your content flows, what appeals to your target audience and how quickly your content can be read all work towards successfully selling your goods or services to a potential client.

Your Readers Aren’t Reading! | Print Marketing Tips

First thing first, you need to realize that your potential clients aren’t reading, they’re scanning! Their eyes are rapidly moving from left to right, looking for recognizable words, or interesting colors and shapes. When the reader sees your collateral for the first time, where will he or she look? Use headers and sub-headers to provide scanning points and keep the reader moving along. Hierarchy in collateral design is about using the right information in the right way, making your message clear, precise, actionable and understandable.

Logos Should Be Versatile | Print Marketing Tips

Your logo is your brand’s most important visual representation, so it’s critical to have a logo that’s appealing, attention-grabbing, both Web- and print-friendly, and appropriate for your brand’s identity. While each type of collateral may have a different intended audience and a slightly different goal, you should develop a logo that can easily be adapted to each particular piece of collateral. For example, you shouldn’t have a logo that relies entirely on color, since you’ll often be forced to print in black and white. Logos also need to be scalable; since print comes in many different sizes, your logo can’t have a lot of extraneous details that won’t translate well when shrunken down onto a business card.

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Print Marketing Tips | Everything A Business Owner Should ...

Bring Your Story To Life | Print Marketing Tips

If you want to grab the attention of your target audience, using just the right amount of imagery and graphics in your marketing collateral is a must. Images can help with the flow of your content as well as making everything easier to read and understand. Remember, a brand story is more than words. You can use pictures, graphs, tables, screen shots – anything that will help visually communicate your story, and underscore your viewpoint and emphasize your competitive advantage.

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Use White Space | Print Marketing Tips

We’ve all heard of it, but are you really using it appropriately? Giving elements breathing room makes a world of difference. Avoid a crowded design, despite the temptation to make use of every inch of paper you are paying for. White space serves as a visual frame for the rest of the content on the page, and it can be effectively used to emphasize the important areas of your collateral items.

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