Professional Logo Design Secrets | 5 Things You Absolutely Can’t Miss When Designing A Logo For Your Photography Business

Professional Logo Design Secrets | 5 Things You Absolutely Can’t Miss ...

Professional Logo Design Secrets | Logo design is all around us – and oh boy, do we mean all around! Just think about all logos you see from the moment you wake up to the moment you leave for work. From your smartphone when snoozing the alarm, to the tooth brush, coffee machine, and even your clothes, each and every item you use or look at is branded with a logo. By now you probably realize you’re bound to stumble across a few dozens of logos before even leaving your apartment – and the amazing thing is that you don’t even notice majority of them!

Professional Logo Design Secrets | Website Design –

The truth is that we’re continuously being bombarded with various sales messages, as well as an endless stream of logos and other brand elements. However, our brains learned to filter out most of these. Can you imagine having to process absolutely every logo you stumble upon during your day? This mental filter is great news for the end-consumer, however, to a business owner, it represents a challenge, because you want your logo to break through that filter. And we’ve got the answers! Read on to find out how you can come up with a logo that gets noticed every time. No exceptions.

Originality Is Your Middle Name | Professional Logo Design Secrets

One of the first things you’ll need to do if you’re trying to come up with a logo that breaks through that mental filter is ensure your design is unique. Think about it – how is your logo supposed to stand out from the crowd and break the mental filter if it looks just like all the other logos in your niche or your particular area? This is why it’s crucial you avoid using cheap templates available online. While you may believe you’re doing a clever thing and saving money, you might end up doing more damage than good.

Professional Logo Design Secrets | 5 Things You Absolutely Can’t Miss ...

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We’ve got nothing against templates, in fact, there are certain situations where using templates is the only sane idea. Your logo, however, isn’t one of those situations. These templates tend to have all the telltale signs of amateur design, as they’re generally designed by absolute beginners and sometimes even amateurs trying to make a buck. Even if you do stumble upon a decent template, chances are it’s already being used by countless other business, some even in your area. Either way, your logo will never be able to stand out from the crowd unless you have a custom logo designed just for your photography business.

An Effective Logo Is More Than Just A Pretty Shape | Professional Logo Design Secrets

Another issue with using logo templates is the issue of brand representation. Templates tend to be generic – and they’re purposefully designed to be generic. The idea behind this is that a generic logo can represent a lot of different brands. However, while this may be true to some extent, a generic logo will never be able to accurately represent the nature of your brand. The logo you choose for your photography business will be the face of your brand, representing both your unique style and the services you’re providing. It’s the single most important brand element appearing throughout all of your marketing and stationery materials, both online and offline, and even as a watermark on your images, which is why it’s critical you get it right.

Simple Is Better! | Professional Logo Design Secrets

While you may be tempted to spice up your logo with whirls, gradients, shadows and other bells and whistles, it’s best to keep the design simple. Unless an element adds value to the design or reinforces the message, chances are, it doesn’t belong there. It’s been often said, “When in doubt, leave it out!” and it’s especially true when it comes to logo design. Whether your potential clients are scrolling down their Twitter timeline, or speeding by a roadside billboard, they should be able to recognize your logo instantly and understand its intended message.

Don’t Rely On Color Too Much | Professional Logo Design Secrets

Color is a designer’s best friend! It can bring a dull design to life, convey a particular message, and even spark an emotional response. As the face of your business, however, you’ll use your logo on pretty much every piece of paper that leaves your office. This includes faxes and copied documents as well. Will your logo be able to convey the same message just as effectively once printed in black and white or gray scale? If your logo relies solely on color to convey the message, you need to think about the ways you can communicate that same message when the color is removed!

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Professional Logo Design Secrets | 5 Things You Absolutely Can’t Miss ...

Aim For A Timeless Design | Professional Logo Design Secrets

Graphic design is much like fashion – new trends and fads are coming and going, with things being hot today and long forgotten two months later. Staying up to date with the latest trends is not a particularly bad idea, but following them mindlessly can be incredibly detrimental to your brand. When it comes to designing your business logo, you’ll want to come up with a design that will stay relevant and last as long as your business does.

Professional Logo Design Secrets | Website Design –

Will your logo be as effective in 5 years? 10? What about 20 years down the road? The logo you design will be the face of your photography business, and if it gets dated quickly and goes out of style, your potential clients are going to assume the same about you and the style of your photography. Not a good thing!

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