Quick Brochure Design Tips | Does Your Brochure Pass The Test – Or Is It Headed For The Trash?

Quick Brochure Design Tips | Does Your Brochure Pass The

Quick Brochure Design Tips | Marketing brochures are basically portable salespeople. They ride along in cars, bags, and briefcases to be referenced and shared with people along their travels. Every time they get pulled out they represent your brand and business. Unfortunately, simply being aware of the potential value of a brochure is far from being enough to make it effective — in reality, 99% of small businesses still do them wrong!

Quick Brochure Design Tips | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

As hard as you may try, you can only be in one place at a time. Your business brochure, however, can be in many places, helping you reach potential and existing clients. An effective brochure clearly and succinctly outlines what a business is about and what it has to offer. Brochures can build brand awareness and keep merchandise in the public eye when combined with other marketing campaign tactics. To connect with your potential clients, every brochure needs the following essential design elements:

Define Your Goals | Quick Brochure Design Tips

A brochure that communicates effectively doesn’t happen by chance — it involves a lot of planning and foresight. Clearly define what the brochure is for. Set out what your goals are so you can run through them throughout the design process to make sure you’re on target when it comes to printing them. It is vital to be clear about the type of brochure you are designing and the message you want readers to take away. This will drive the overall design of your brochure. It will affect how text and images are used as well as the size the brochure shoulg be.

Quick Brochure Design Tips | Does Your Brochure Pass The

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Understand Your Customer | Quick Brochure Design Tips

Before you spend any time planning a brochure, make sure you understand your target audience. Why would they want to buy your product? What’s the most important thing it can do for them? What is the most critical problem your product or service can solve for them? It’s vital that you know who you’re writing to, because you want to use an appropriate language for the target audience and give them exactly what they want to know. If for example the brochure is aimed at children, it is not the best idea to use a very complicated vocabulary or a trivial font.

Don’t Be Hard to Follow | Quick Brochure Design Tips

To be effective, your brochure has to get attention, get the potential clients interested enough to read further, raise their desire for the product or service, and get them to take a specific action such as buy now, call and make an appointment, or return a post card. Bad layouts and complex designs can make your brochure hard to follow and information hard to prioritize. Help potential clients see what’s crucial by structuring your information in a clean, organized layout that doesn’t overdo images, graphics, text or detail.

Clear Call To Action | Quick Brochure Design Tips

After you interest the reader in what you sell, you have to take the next step: tell them what they should do to get it. Don’t just think they’ll look for your phone number and call or visit your website. Check over your leaflet, make sure you’re clearly asking readers to take an action – then run through everything that they’ll want to see to take that action. Phone numbers, addresses, maps, opening times, email addresses, website addresses – can all be easily missed off.

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Quick Brochure Design Tips | Does Your Brochure Pass The

Use Images And Graphs Wisely | Quick Brochure Design Tips

Nothing makes it harder to take a brochure seriously than amateurish graphics. Give your brochure a professional edge with high-quality, appealing images and graphics. Images are used to reinforce the message – so make sure they’re appropriate to your audience and showcase exactly what you’re wanting to sell. Avoid cluttered images as they can reduce impact. Draw up your brochure layout on a white piece of paper, play around until you are happy with the layout and make sure that the ratio of image to text is well balanced.

Quick Brochure Design Tips | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Your Headline Contains Your Key Message | Quick Brochure Design Tips

Chances are your brochure will be competing with many other brochures. If there’s something unique about what you’re selling, draw attention to it in the headline. To grab the attention of your target audience, combine a visually appealing design with an attention-grabbing headline that addresses a powerful benefit for your potential clients. Why bother taking the time to create a great brochure if your audience only reads the front and then discards it?

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