Quick Photography Marketing Tips | Free Photography Marketing Ideas That Work Like Crazy

Quick Photography Marketing Tips | Free Photography Market...

Quick Photography Marketing Tips | One of the challenges of running a successful photography business is figuring out how to get clients. You’ve got the technical know-how, but what about the business and marketing side? Thousands of new photographers enter the industry every day, and the competition continues to grow, which means you, as a professional photographer, have to step up your marketing game. Marketing a business could be one of the hardest things a new photographer must do. If you are just getting started in the industry, it can be particularly frustrating, because it seems like you can’t get your message in front of the right people.

Quick Photography Marketing Tips | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Strapped for cash and looking for ways to get the word out there about your business? No problem. Marketing doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated, if you work smarter, and not harder. However, it does need to be creative in order to get clients to choose your business. Some of these ideas are quick and easy, while others are more of a long term strategy that you should start now, and will build up steam over time. Let’s get to the good stuff, shall we?

Networking | Quick Photography Marketing Tips

Networking is an effective use of your time when it comes to promoting your business. In order to get results with this tactic, you need to take it seriously. Get your name out there and make connections with other businesses that can lead to partnerships and referral business. Make sure you have a plan of what you would like to achieve, go prepared to chat up lots of new people, and finally, have a plan for follow up.

Quick Photography Marketing Tips | Free Photography Market...

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Pinterest Can Drive Traffic To Your Website | Quick Photography Marketing Tips

Pinterest is the new kid on the block when it comes to social networks, and it’s already becoming a major player. It’s essentially a way for users to collect and share images of things they like, or convey a certain theme or concept they want to express. It’s another highly effective way to connect with your existing and potential clients about creative ideas for their sessions, or to express your own creative vision. It’s a very diverse platform that works exceptionally well for photographers who tend to be visual.

Blogging | Quick Photography Marketing Tips

A blog is an amazing way to communicate with your target audience about what you are all about, and what you offer. Your blog is basically a blank canvas to express creative ideas, share bits about your personal life, educate clients, share images and showcase products. Keep your blogs interesting and diverse. Many photographers only blog their images, but posting images exclusively can become very boring for everyone except the subjects in the photos.

Getting Published | Quick Photography Marketing Tips

If you want to focus on building press and prestige for your work, getting published is a great way to go. You can submit images and story ideas to trade publications in your field as well as local media outlets. Despite the popularity of online marketing, getting your work in an actual printed publication also has the power to get you some serious attention. Introduce yourself and engage the editors when submitting your work.

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Quick Photography Marketing Tips | Free Photography Market...

Photos for Posts | Quick Photography Marketing Tips

Once you get your first couple of clients, you’ll see that most of your future clients will come from one source: REFERRALS! Consider offering your clients one free 16×20″ print (only costs you a few dollars) if they will write a quick testimonial, and share that post with their Facebook friends. If you are going to build a solid referral stream of business, you have to let your clients know through repeated messages how important it is to you that they refer you, and how much you appreciate being referred. When business owners say things like “my business is based on referrals from happy clients” and “the greatest compliment you can give me is a referral” you are letting your clients know what you would like them to do that for you.

Quick Photography Marketing Tips | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Time To Social-Network | Quick Photography Marketing Tips

Social networking platforms like Twitter and Facebook enable you to reach out to people and potential clients in a way they’re comfortable with, and actually enjoy. Social media is considered one of the most effective marketing tools available today; the potential connections are virtually endless! But in order to use this awesome power effectively, you have to consistently engage and communicate with clients and fans, so that you will stand out and have your content shared, followed and liked. Be sure and try all the popular outlets like facebook, Pinterest, Tumbler, Twitter etc.

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