Remarkable Business Logos | Your Logo Is The Face Of Your Business – Make It Stand Out!

Remarkable Business Logos | Your Logo Is The Face Of Your

Remarkable Business Logos | If you’re an entrepreneur working on launching a business, you’re probably worrying about a million and a half things every day. But out of all those different issues to keep in mind, there’s one vital, yet deceptively small thing business owners often forget about: a business logo. A logo is probably one of the most crucial elements of marketing your business. As your business grows and evolves, your logo will become synonymous with the quality of service you offer. Designing a great logo can be tricky, but it is worth all the effort you put into it.

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Although creating a logo for your business may not be at the top of your priority list, a well-designed business logo is pivotal to building a unique brand identity and leaving a lasting impression on potential clients. An easily recognized and memorable logo can be one of your business’s most powerful marketing assets. How do you as a serious entrepreneur stand out from the crowd and create a quality logo that packs a punch? Read on to find out.

Choose The Right Color | Remarkable Business Logos

The color or colors you choose for your logo are very important. Many brands have logos that can be recognized simply by their colors. Think about the message your logo has to communicate. Is the brand utility-driven or is it more focused on evoking emotion? Is it contemporary or quirky? Take the time to find the right colors that will convey the nature of your brand, as they play a vital role in the way your brand is perceived.

Remarkable Business Logos | Your Logo Is The Face Of Your

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Don’t Use More Than Two Fonts | Remarkable Business Logos

There are many beautiful fonts out there and we would all love to use as many as we can. However, using too many fonts will most of the time result in a loss of coherence and it will make the viewer feel multiple emotions that fight against one another. And when considering fonts for your logo, be sure to avoid gimmicky ones; instead, tweak an existing font to make it unique. When it comes to logo design, keep your font choices classic and simple and avoid over-garnishing.

Consider Your Shapes Carefully | Remarkable Business Logos

The logo shapes used by big brands aren’t chosen by accident. Whether your design is based on circles, triangles or other shapes, you can benefit from a keen understanding on the psychology of shapes. Figure out your target audience and the message you’re trying to send out. Rounded edges versus sharp corners can mean the difference between aggressive and passive messages.

Know Your Audience | Remarkable Business Logos

Naturally, you want to like your logo, but on the other hand, keep in mind that your logo is to appeal to your clients, and should be designed with them in mind. If you’re targeting a younger crowd, you’ll want a different approach than if you’re aiming at senior citizens. The same is true if your clients are high end business owners or middle class consumers. Remember, a great logo is suited to the target audience, not the owner of the business.

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Remarkable Business Logos | Your Logo Is The Face Of Your

Keep It Simple | Remarkable Business Logos

The biggest mistake of many logos is that they are too complicated. Whether you choose to use an image logo or a logotype, simplicity is vital. You need something that can be easily remembered and that will look great across a variety of platforms. A logo is your company’s public face, so it must be easily applicable to any medium that bears your brand – whether it’s your packaging, web ads, or social media, or all of these. The more detail a logo has, the more information the viewer has to process. Simplicity makes a logo design easily recognizable, versatile and memorable.

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Timelessness Trumps All | Remarkable Business Logos

When discussing instantly recognizable logos, the best of the best are those that have been around for decades or more. A logo that doesn’t need to change with the times is the epitome of logo design. There should be elements to the logo design that are timeless, but do try to keep in mind that other elements of it may need to be adapted in the future for as-yet-unknown visual formats. A well-designed logo should be timeless, and this can be achieved by ignoring the latest design tricks and gimmicks. Your job is to create a unique identity for your brand, so completely ignoring logo design trends is the best idea.

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