Responsive Web Design Tips | What Makes the Best Responsive Design Website?

Responsive Web Design Tips | What Makes the Best Responsive Design...

Responsive Web Design Tips | Taking into account the rate at which the mobile web is growing, it’s becoming essential that your website be prepared to accept visitors who are coming in from a widely assorted array of different devices and screen sizes. Online visitors expect a similar experience irrelevant of the device they are using. Therefore, if a person visits your website and it is not optimized for their device, there is a big chance that she will end up leaving and not visit back. In short, responsive design is a very effective way to make your website’s layout adjust on the fly for dozens of different screen sizes your information can be seen on.

When you design a responsive website that will be adoptable to a variety of mobile devices, you need to think about how this changing and moving around of your content is going to work in real-time. Here are a few factors you need to take into consideration.

Responsive Web Design Tips | Website Design –

1. Design Based on Your Customer Needs | Responsive Web Design Tips

The decision to take out information and move navigation shouldn’t be made randomly. Web statistics will show you which parts of your website are visited most often on which device. With responsive websites, you have to consider what’s going to look good on a smaller screen. Good typography is an essential of any good web design but it’s almost necessary in responsive web design. As screen sizes decrease, most of the elements need to able to transform and shrink or move as well. Mobile sites need to be more basic and bare bones, with a simplified design. Remember that most mobile users are visiting mobile sites for essential info, not for curiosity or general interest.

Responsive Web Design Tips | What Makes the Best Responsive Design...

2. Essential Content Filtering | Responsive Web Design Tips

Prioritizing the most pertinent information and fields or vital content for both site owner and visitor is the crucial factor especially for strategic responsive design. Shorten your website back down to basics. What is the main reason people visit your website? What’s essential to those users? What’s their usual journey? Without these answers, you’ll be tempted to put everything on the home page. That may be possible on a large display but you’ll have a hard time when switching to a mobile layout.

3. Using the Best Possible Images Only | Responsive Web Design Tips

There are many different layouts and different image sizes that can be used in a responsive design. It’s crucial to pay attention to the images you choose and how you’re using them due to the fact that they will change for sure. As screens get bigger or smaller, images always change shape and reveal or crop out certain portions. As internet speeds have improved, we’ve gotten used to exploring beautiful, high-resolution photography on large screens. But as the mobile revolution alters the way we interact with the internet, we’ve had to adjust how these images are served for a host of smaller, differently oriented screens.

Responsive Web Design Tips | What Makes the Best Responsive Design...

Responsive Web Design Tips | Website Design –

4. Leave Out all Unnecessary Page Segments | Responsive Web Design Tips

Some content and content segments were never meant to be used in a mobile context and would never work there. If you have these segments at play in your web page or potential website layout, then get rid of them immediately for any mobile setting. Since a responsive layout changes dependant on device, sometimes elements that need to be present on desktop are no longer required on mobile.

Internet is no longer simplified. As Internet-connected devices continue to grow in popularity, so does the complexity of providing each device with a good experience.

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