Shoestring Marketing | Tips On Marketing Your Company When You’re Broke As A Joke

Shoestring Marketing | Tips On Marketing Your Company ...

Shoestring Marketing | In today’s digital world where getting lots of attention means cash in the bank, it is getting more difficult than ever to even get your target audience to notice you. Not only do you have to compete with large brands that have entire departments focused solely on marketing, but you also have to compete with social media, and many other distractions. In this economy, you need all the help you can get to make sure your business is noticed amid all the noise. Marketing is key, but which approach to take?

Shoestring Marketing | Website Design –

If you’re a small business or new startup, you don’t have money to waste on expensive advertising like your bigger competitors can. To compete on the same level, while on a shoestring budget, you have to market smarter. Are you looking for marketing strategies you can use to market your small business on a limited budget? We’ve rounded up a list of suggestions for you to try out, and they all just happen to be free — or almost free!

Show Your Expertise | Shoestring Marketing

No one knows your business – or even your industry – better than you, right? Why not capitalize off of this knowledge by trying your hand at trade or local magazines? Most people believe that published work is more valuable than a simple blog post, and articles actually cost less than advertising in the same magazine. You will be able to get a link back to your own website from each article which will help drive traffic to your website.

Shoestring Marketing | Tips On Marketing Your Company ...

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Launch A Blog On Your Website And Update It Daily | Shoestring Marketing

Start a blog. And don’t just start it – stay dedicated to running it for at least 12 months so to give yourself a chance to see results. This is a long-term project that deserves attention and dedication. A blog will make your brand seem open, friendly and helpful. You can share your expert knowledge with potential clients which will help generate followers and inquiries.

Get Social, Get Clients | Shoestring Marketing

It only takes a few minutes to set up a social network account. Complete your profile, start joining discussions, and promoting your account to build up a network of followers interested in you, your products, or your services. Having a Facebook page may not bring you any new business, but not having one may cause clients to ask why you don’t. Update your status daily, connect with everyone you know, and reach out to new people through the people you know. Use existing relationships to create new ones, and to get your foot in the door where you’d like to do business.

Spruce Up Your Website | Shoestring Marketing

Stale websites don’t generate new business. Fresh, frequently updated websites show your clients you’re a vibrant and active business. Most small businesses are unaware that their website is capable of being a 24/7, lead generating sales machine. Your website can generate high quality inquiries, leads, phone calls and sales from interested potential clients… as long as you do it right.

Joint Ventures | Shoestring Marketing

A joint venture is where you and another business or person get together to (usually) cross-market your services. The key to the joint venture success is to find someone credible, who offers a non-conflicting product or service to the exact same profile of person or business as you do. Several related but non-competing businesses working together on a promotion can afford bigger ad space, better prizes, and other advertising expenses.

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Shoestring Marketing | Tips On Marketing Your Company ...

Create A Client Loyalty Program | Shoestring Marketing

Your clients already know and trust you. It’s simpler to get more business from them than to get any business from somebody who never purchased from you. Ever thought about offering a valued client discount? This tactic won’t cost you any money upfront, and it could end up getting you more sales down the road. Show your clients how much you care and appreciate them for helping you through the recession. Developing a personal relationship with your clients will go a long way toward building brand recognition.

Shoestring Marketing | Website Design –

Think Outside The Box | Shoestring Marketing

Marketing doesn’t have to be limited to press ads and radio jingles. Why not think outside the box? Look for some unconventional marketing methods your competitors are overlooking. You may discover some highly profitable ways to generate sales and avoid competition. Marketing doesn’t need to be boring, it can be fun and creative!

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