Simple Brochure Design Tips | Is Your Brochure Helping Or Hurting Your Business?

Simple Brochure Design Tips | Is Your Brochure Helping ...

Simple Brochure Design Tips | Printed brochures are a proven way to market your business and reach new clients. Brochure and flyer printing are both effective, affordable and offer plenty of room to boldly state your messages. Brochures serve up crucial information about a new product or service, provide insight into your business and give clients something tangible to see, feel and take with them. They can also be distributed almost anywhere – on racks, in mailboxes, on windows and on counter-tops anywhere. The secret to achieving a solid return on investment through these powerful marketing mediums lies in intelligent design.

Simple Brochure Design Tips | Website Design –

Print brochures can be an effective tool in your marketing collateral arsenal, but there are a few things to consider before you start having brochures printed. Every piece of marketing material you send out makes an impression on your potential clients. Leave the wrong impression, and you run the risk of losing sales and alienating clients. Follow these six copywriting and design tips to create and improve your the sales material you hand out to potential clients.

Know Your Print Size | Simple Brochure Design Tips

One of the most common mistakes made by business owners who design their own brochures, but one of the most challenging to correct, is a wrong setup size for the brochure. All too often, a print layout has to be returned to the client because it wasn’t setup for the proper output size. There are four standard brochure sizes: 8.5 x 11, 8.5 x 14, 11 x 17, and 11 x 25.5. Choose a size that matches the amount of information you want to convey with your brochure. When a print service has to stretch or shrink a brochure layout to fit the paper, the quality of the print resolution will probably be compromised.

Simple Brochure Design Tips | Is Your Brochure Helping ...

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Resolution Is Key | Simple Brochure Design Tips

Using high-resolution images in your layout is a vital step toward designing a professional looking brochure. If you submit something for print that isn’t the right resolution, your images will come out ‘soft’, blurry, or even pixelated. To make a product brochure pleasurable to flick through, you must have good images. If you’re using stock imagery – budgets don’t always stretch to cover a photoshoot – try to find images that don’t look like they’re stock. Remember, never cut corners with images.

Understand Your Client | Simple Brochure Design Tips

Before you spend any time planning a brochure, make sure you understand your client. Why would they want to purchase your product, or hire you? What’s the most beneficial thing it can do for them? Your readers will have a lot of questions they’ll want answered before they’ll even consider scheduling a meeting. Your brochure should answer their questions in a logical order following the reader’’s train of thought. Organize the information. Use bullet points, text boxes and infographics to present the information in readable portions.

Use Headlines And Graphics Your Audience Cares About | Simple Brochure Design Tips

The front cover should be visually appealing and provide enough content to invite the reader to open the brochure and read more. The average reader takes less than 5 seconds to look at the cover of a brochure and decide whether or not to bother reading it. If your headline or graphics on the cover of your brochure aren’t interesting, few recipients will bother opening it. Think benefits or thought-provoking statements that motivate the reader to pick up the brochure and open it. Add a flash that tells the reader there’s something inside that will interest them – an exclusive invitation, a free report, special discount or advance notice of sales.

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Simple Brochure Design Tips | Is Your Brochure Helping ...

Select The Right Paper | Simple Brochure Design Tips

Talk about paper stock before you put pen to notepad, let alone go as far as switching on your computer. To create “richness”, consider heavier weight paper and special effects like die-cuts or spot varnish to highlight images on the cover. Most print shops that print brochures offer either an 80lb or 100lb stock paper, with a variety of gloss or matte finishes. It’s really up to you in the end, but a 100lb stock is surprisingly more substantial than 80lb stock paper without a huge cost difference.

Simple Brochure Design Tips | Website Design –

Include A Powerful Call To Action | Simple Brochure Design Tips

Regardless how you lay out your brochure, there’s only one way to end it. Ask for action. After you interest the potential client in what you sell, you have to take the next step: tell them what they should do to get it. Don’t just think they’ll look for your phone number and call or visit your website. In fact, to boost your brochure’s selling power you should include your offer and a response mechanism on every page.

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