Simple Business Success Tips | 5 Ways to Wow Your Clients And Make Them Addicted To Your Services

Simple Business Success Tips | 4 Ways to Wow Your Clients...

Simple Business Success Tips | A happy customer is a pleasure to have, but an ecstatic one is even better. When you go above-and-beyond to wow your customers, they will become a valuable source of repeat business. Wowing potential customers can go a long way in earning and developing new customers. They’ll refer new customers to you, and publicly reinforce your brand image to others over and over again.

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When was the last time a company did something that made you think, “wow, that was great customer service!” Good customer service is what helps mitigate issues with unhappy customers, resolve problems quickly, and gets customers returning to your small business again and again. Today we’re going to share some examples of effective ways you can wow customers with a little creativity and some can-do attitude.

Don’t make promises unless you will keep them | Simple Business Success Tips

Not plan to keep them. Will keep them! Reliability is one of the key elements to any good relationship, and good customer service is no exception. The most effective way to lock a permanent “wow” into your customer’s mind is simply to exceed their expectations, every time. Don’t over promise. Be realistic and focused when telling them what you’ll deliver, and when they should expect it. Then go the extra mile to make your deliverable impressive and on time (or better yet, early).

Simple Business Success Tips | 5 Ways to Wow Your Clients...

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Listen to your customers | Simple Business Success Tips

If your business is falling short in the wow department, don’t be afraid to ask for feedback from customers about your product, service and even customer experience. Some of the best, most valuable data comes directly from customers who want to make you a better business by offering their unveiled opinions and criticism.

The average business follows up only when they have something to sell, but you can wow your clients by following up with a request to make their last transaction more satisfying. A simple phone call or email that follows up with the question “Is there anything we missed, or anything more we could do to make your experience better?” tells your customers that you are 110% committed to making sure they are treated fairly and respectfully.

Value your customer’s time | Simple Business Success Tips

Who’s not pressed for time in today’s world? Even those who aren’t dealing with daily hustle and bustle have things they’d rather be doing instead of waiting for you to provide your product or service. Respect the value of customers time – save them time and convenience whenever you can. If customers are waiting in line or waiting for their turn to talk with you, give a simple “Hello, I’ll be with you in a moment.”

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Simple Business Success Tips | 5 Ways to Wow Your Clients...

Deal with complaints | Simple Business Success Tips

One of the best ways to consistently impress your customers is to keep turnaround time on emails an phone calls to a minimum. In today’s world of poor customer service, having a quick response rate to customer inquiries is a powerful way to keep them impressed, and away from the competition. It’s bad enough when a customer is unhappy with your product or service, but if the attempt to address the problem with you is frustrating or fruitless, it makes matters so much worse.

Keep in mind that a happy customer may tell one or two friends about your business, but an angry customer might tell a dozen. It’s helpful to think of resolving a dispute as a five-step process called the Five A’s: Acknowledge the issue. Apologize, even if you think you’re right. Accept responsibility. Adjust the situation with a negotiation to fix the problem. Assure the customer that you will follow through.

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Throw in something extra | Simple Business Success Tips

Keeping customers long-term saves you the time and money of hunting down new ones, so why not pass some of that savings on to them? Offering loyal customers some sort of bonus or discount periodically, just for sticking with you, is a sure way to impress – especially if the value of that reward keeps increasing.

Whether it’s a coupon for a future discount, additional information on how to use the product, or a genuine smile, people love to get more than they thought they were getting. And don’t think that a gesture has to be large to be effective.

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