Simple Photography Business Card Ideas | Curious What Makes A Business Card Effective? Read On to Find Out More!

Simple Photography Business Card Ideas | Curious What Makes A Busin...

Simple Photography Business Card Ideas | Despite the fact we live in a digital age, the good ol’ business card is still alive and well. Even though there are business owners that mistakenly believe that social media and email replaced business cards, we’re all handed dozens of cards each week. It’s the universally recognized tradition and a vital part of the business etiquette after all, and it can help you achieve a lot more than simply provide your potential client with your contact details. Yet, you’d be amazed just how many business owners don’t even carry them around anymore.

Simple Photography Business Card Ideas | Website Design –

Business cards are no longer used simply to provide potential business partners and prospects with your contact details – business cards are now being used to reinforce your brand, grab the attention of potential clients and showcase your creativity. Business cards are essentially roadside billboards boiled down to their bare essence. However, not all business cards are created equal. In fact, when not done right, a business card can do more harm than good! To help you get yours just right, we put together a list of the most important things you’ll want to keep in mind.

Business Cards Say More About You Than You Think | Simple Photography Business Card Ideas

There are so many free templates online you can download for free, copy and paste your name and contact details, and you’re ready to go… so why would anyone spend anything more than $10 on a tiny piece of paper? The business card you hand out to a potential client will more than likely be your very first impression, the one you make long before they even get a chance to see any of your work. This, in turn, means the business card you hand out will be critical difference between a potential client hiring you and losing business. In other words, your business can make or break your photography business, and since it’ll be your first impression, you better make it count.

Simple Photography Business Card Ideas | Curious What Makes A Busin...

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Stand Out | Simple Photography Business Card Ideas

Since you do want to make sure your business card stands out, you’ll want to keep in mind that staying away from cheap templates is just the first step towards a unique business card. The way you organize the information on your card, the fonts you choose, and even the overall layout can say a lot more about your business than you think. While the layout is traditionally horizontal, consider, for example, using vertical layout for your cards to make them stand out. Keep in mind that vertical business cards limit the amount of textual information even further, so you’ll need to make sure the information is readable if you choose to go with the vertical layout.

Ensure Readability | Simple Photography Business Card Ideas

When it comes to the fonts and colors used for your business cards, you’ll want to make sure the overall design matches your other branded materials. Hover, another vitally important thing you need to ensure is readability. The last thing you want is having your potential clients squint and struggle to read the contact details when they decide to pick up the phone. The main purpose of your business card is to provide potential clients with your contact details, so make sure a potential client can read your contact details at a single glance.

Whenever we design a business card for a client, we make sure we don’t go below 8 pts when it comes to the font size. Anything below 8 pts can appear readable on a computer screen, but turn into an illegible smudge when actually printed. We also pay special attention to the font itself. Yes, the font choices are endless and there are some stunning examples of complex calligraphic fonts. However, if it’s difficult to read, it doesn’t really belong on your business card. Instead, you’ll want to go with a simple, easy to read font, especially for the most important pieces of information.

Boost The Effectiveness Of Your Cards | Simple Photography Business Card Ideas

With the introduction of smartphones and other technological advancements, many business owners no longer carry around business cards. However, business cards are far from being dead; they’ve just evolved. From QR codes that point to your website, Facebook page or other contact point when scanned, to augmented reality showcase examples of your work on a smartphone screen, there are plenty of creative elements you can include in your card to boost its effectiveness and add value to it. These nifty little hacks will turn your business card into an interactive marketing tool that goes beyond providing people with your contact details.

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Simple Photography Business Card Ideas | Curious What Makes A Busin...

Include The Right Contact Information | Simple Photography Business Card Ideas

At the end of the day, the ultimate goal of a business card is to provide potential clients with everything they need to contact you and hire you, which means the most important thing you have to think about are the contact details you’re going to include in your business card. Keep in mind that you have to achieve a balance between providing enough details without cluttering your card and overwhelming the recipients. So, what’s most important? Your name definitely has to be there, along with your phone number, email, and website, but you can also consider including the social media contact information.

Simple Photography Business Card Ideas | Website Design –

Before you send your card off to the printer and order hundreds of business cards, make sure you double-check every last piece of information on your card. There’s nothing worse than seeing a typo after receiving your cards from the printer. This will make your potential clients feel as if they’re dealing with an amateur, or leave them with an impression you don’t care about the quality that much!

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