Simple Photography Logo Guidelines | How To Design A Logo That Gets You Noticed – Photography Edition

Simple Photography Logo Guidelines | How To Design A Logo That Get...

Simple Photography Logo Guidelines | Standing out in today’s competitive market is vitally important for the success of any business, big or small. And photographers are no exception! It’s also one of the hardest things you’ll need to tackle, especially if you’re just starting out in the industry. With so many photographers competing for the same potential clients, taking stunning pictures will take you only so far. This is where branding comes in to save the day. And at the essence of every brand there’s one thing – a professionally designed logo!

Simple Photography Logo Guidelines | Website Design –

Designing logos is easy, right? You draw a circle, write the name of your photography business inside of it and you’re ready to roll. The logo plays the second fiddle to your pictures, so how important can it be? Well, more important than many photographers believe! It’s the backbone of your brand and it needs to tie in all of your marketing materials, both online and off, but it also needs to convey your unique creative vision and style of photography. It may sound like a lot to ask from such a small piece of graphic, but it can be done. Here’s how!

Be Unique | Simple Photography Logo Guidelines

The most important thing when standing out in a crowded market is concerned is definitely having a unique logo. While you might be tempted to cut corners and get a logo template online, it might not be the wisest move. How is your business supposed to stand out if there are countless other photographers out there using the same template? When you’re creating a logo for your photography business, the last thing you want is a potential client mistaking it for a logo of another photographer, so take a look at what’s already out there and find an opening for something new that will help your potential clients remember you and your business a lot easier!

Use The Name Of Your Business | Simple Photography Logo Guidelines

Naming your business is an important step that will affect the entire brand building process. There are photographers that choose a unique name for their businesses, but many also decide to use their own name to build a more personable brand. Whichever way you choose to go, you need to make sure you include the name of your business in your logo. The ultimate goal of your logo is to help your potential clients remember you, and having only a graphic as your logo will make it that much more difficult.

Simple Photography Logo Guidelines | How To Design A Logo That Get...

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Another thing you’ll need to pay attention to is making the name of your business easy to read. Sure, using an interesting font in your logo is a good idea, but if it’s a complex calligraphic font that’s impossible to read, you’ll only frustrate the viewer, which is why it’s paramount you choose a font that’s easy to read at any size and distance to make it easy for your potential clients!

Thing BIG! | Simple Photography Logo Guidelines

Another crucial characteristic all effective logos have in common is versatility – your logo looks stunning on your computer screen while you’re designing it, but will it be as appealing when you shrink it down for your business card, or blow it up to the size of a roadside billboard? Your task here is to keep the design simple so it doesn’t become an unrecognizable smudge when scaled down to the size of a golf ball. And lastly, you’ll want to use the vector format. Unlike raster images that become pixelized when zoomed in after a certain point, vector format will allow you to scale your logo to practically any size without affecting the quality.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Using Some Color | Simple Photography Logo Guidelines

When used right, color can be an incredibly powerful tool. It can help you stand out, but also communicate the nature of your brand and tie together all of your branded materials. However, in addition to using the colors that match your brand, you also need to ensure that the colors you choose actually work well together. A mishmash of contrasting colors will stand out for sure, but it might be for all the wrong reasons.

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Simple Photography Logo Guidelines | How To Design A Logo That Get...

When using colors, keep in mind the printing costs. The more color you use, the more expensive printing will be. For example, a 5-color logo may look stunning on a computer screen, but when the time comes to print it on every piece of stationery, from your business cards to the letterheads and thank-you cards, the price won’t be as appealing. So, if your logo relies on color to communicate a message, make sure it’s just as effective even when the color is removed.

Simple Photography Logo Guidelines | Website Design –

Aim For Timelessness | Simple Photography Logo Guidelines

Your logo should last as long as your business, so make sure you design something that will last for 20-30 years to come. Of course, you’ll tweak the design down the road, but complete logo overhauls can do more damage to an established brand than good. You’ll spend quite some time building recognition for your logo, and if you suddenly change it, you’ll only confuse your existing clients, which might end up alienating them and damaging your bottom line. Staying up to the latest design trends is a good idea, but staying true to your overall brand identity is much more important.

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