Simple Photography Marketing Hacks | 5 Effective Marketing Ideas For The Uninspired Photographer On A Budget

Simple Photography Marketing Hacks | 5 Effective Marketing Ideas ...

Simple Photography Marketing Hacks | Most photographers nowadays dread even thinking about marketing their services and products, and we totally get it – you’re a part of an incredibly creative industry, and the mere thought of tackling a dull and uninspiring task such as marketing sends shivers down your spine. However, what if we told you that marketing doesn’t necessarily have to be boring? Or expensive, for that matter! Sure, throwing endless amounts of money at a marketing agency and not having to worry about anything sounds like a dream come true, but it doesn’t mean a limited budget should stand in your way!

Simple Photography Marketing Hacks | Website Design –

The secret, as with many things in life, isn’t the money you have for the job, but the way you do the job. This is especially obvious when it comes to marketing in saturated markets such as the photography industry – you can either work hard or work smart. To help you set up a marketing strategy that will not only work for you and help you grow your business, but also allow you to clear your schedule for important things, instead of slaving over marketing efforts that may or may not work, we put together a list of budget-friendly marketing tips you need to know about. Let’s dive right in!

It’s All About Focus | Simple Photography Marketing Hacks

When just starting out, many photographers will take on pretty much any gig coming their way in order to make ends meet, which inherently isn’t a bad thing. However, choosing your area of specialization, and more importantly, clearly defining your ideal client is a vitally important first step when it comes to getting the word about your business out there, as it will allow you to choose the best tools and approach to tackle marketing without blowing a fortune, and get the results you’re hoping for without wasting any time.

Simple Photography Marketing Hacks | 5 Effective Marketing Ideas ...

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So, take your time to get to know your ideal client in terms of age, gender, location, income, marital status, and anything else you think might be important. If, however, you try to target too many different demographics, you risk appearing unfocused, and might actually turn off potential clients. After all, the marketing strategy that might work for high-school seniors won’t do you any good if your target audience are brides to be, or business owners looking for corporate headshots for their employees.

Branding Isn’t Just For Large Corporations | Simple Photography Marketing Hacks

In order to build a successful, memorable brand, you have to keep in mind that the process involves much more than having an artsy neighbor design a logo you’ll slap on every picture you take and paste on a free business card template you found online. Your brand covers the style of your photography, how and where you engage with your clients, both online and offline, from your website and your tweets, to the paper stock, fonts, and colors used for your marketing materials and even how you answer your phone. By clearly defining your branding guidelines, you will ensure all of your marketing materials look, feel, and sound like they came from the same source!

Don’t Cut Corners When It Comes To Your Online Presence | Simple Photography Marketing Hacks

Having online presence is definitely not optional if you’re serious about your photography. We all do our research before making a purchase or hiring someone, and your potential clients are no exception. They’re out there, googling and clicking, and your business needs to be there as well. However, long gone are the days when you could set up a website using a generic template and sit around waiting for the phone to start ringing. You’re marketing to a generation that grew up online and is being constantly bombarded with overwhelming amounts of information both online and offline. This means you need your website to be just as stunning as your work in order to be able to stand out from the crowd and grab your ideal client’s attention.

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Simple Photography Marketing Hacks | 5 Effective Marketing Ideas ...

Rock Your Social Media | Simple Photography Marketing Hacks

If you think social media is still just a fad among teenage girls, you’re missing out on one of the greatest business opportunities without even realizing. Even the biggest shots out there like Apple, Nike, or Starbucks realized the power of social media and are effectively utilizing it to grow their customer base! And the best part, it doesn’t cost a dime! Figure out where your ideal clients are spending their time, set up accounts on 2-3 most popular networks and get on their radar. Don’t spread yourself too thin and join every network available – just like with the rest of your marketing strategy, focus is what it’s all about!

Simple Photography Marketing Hacks | Website Design –

Come Up With A Plan And Stick To It | Simple Photography Marketing Hacks

Running a photography business might be a dream come true if you’re passionate about taking pictures. After all, they do say if you do what you love, you won’t have to work a day in your life. While being passionate about photography is definitely a great first step, you need to keep in mind that there’s a huge difference between taking great photos and running a successful business. In other words, even the best and most creative job is still a job at the end of the day, but by coming up with a solid marketing plan and sticking to it, you will be much more likely to go through the days when it’s not all fun and games without getting overwhelmed and losing your momentum.

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