Simple Photography Website Tips | Things Every Photography Website in 2014 Should Have, Do and Be.

Simple Photography Website Tips | Things Every Photography...

Simple Photography Website Tips | Photography is an essential element of your brand’s voice. It’s crucial that your images not only be as high quality as you can make them, but that they give the right sense of the business they’re representing. If you’re a freelance photographer, or if you’re searching for your next permanent gig, a portfolio of your best work is a must-have. Keep in mind that potential clients and employers will want to see your capabilities and will form a quick impression based on what you show them.

Simple Photography Website Tips | Website Design –

Web design trends can change faster than the time it takes your coffee to cool down. However, there are quite a few elements that go into every efficient photography website design. Here are five things that can help you design the perfect portfolio website. This post will show you what these timeless photography website elements are, and how you can use them in order to get ahead of your competition.

Consider Your Target Demographic | Simple Photography Website Tips

Your main goal should be to connect with the client right away – this is done with effective branding, and the overall look and design of your website and the images that have been carefully chosen to convey your brand. The saying “dress for the job you want, not the one you have” applies to photography websites too. If you want to do wedding photography, then make sure that’s exactly what you’re highlighting on your portfolio. Think of a wedding photographer’s portfolio, typically white, clean, and easy to use. This is suited towards the target demographic of a wedding photographer: typically younger couples (sometimes females are in charge of certain decisions) with dreams of the perfect wedding.

Simple Photography Website Tips | Things Every Photography...

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Flash Is For Portraits, Not For Websites | Simple Photography Website Tips

Adobe Flash is a tool that some website developers use to build websites. Unfortunately, Flash takes a long time to load, it is not search engine friendly, some computers can’t display it, and they often look overdone. For a search engine, a Flash website is just like a big blank page without any text at all. Text is king in the search engine world, and Flash makes it much harder to rank high on search engines, which is not good for your business.

Blog | Simple Photography Website Tips

A portfolio-only website is simply not enough nowadays. The web is now more dynamic than ever, and the photography website with 3 or 4 pages and little text doesn’t stand a chance! Your company’s blog is a vital element of your brand. How you present yourself in your blog posts – your tone of voice, grammar, choice of punctuation, and quality of images – describes your business as much as any other element you put out there. If you include a blog, give it a white background. Photography looks great on black or gray backgrounds, but white text on a dark background is hard to read. If you’re going to feature a blog with lots of text on your website, find a way to put the text on a light background to make it easier to read.

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Simple Photography Website Tips | Things Every Photography...

Edit Yourself | Simple Photography Website Tips

At first, it might seem like you want to showcase everything you’ve ever done, so that you can show your breadth of skill. This is usually a mistake; less is more, especially when it comes to design. A portfolio is designed to show off only your very best work. Around 20 – 40 images is a good number. Your portfolio should show the type of images you enjoy taking, the sort of images you want to be booked for to photograph more of. Keep in mind that, when people are searching for a website designer, they don’t have time to dig through hundreds of portfolios and then also go through all of your work. Impressions are formed instantly, so a small selection of quality should be front and center. Your portfolio should still be you, but only the best you.

Simple Photography Website Tips | Website Design –

Website Speed Matters | Simple Photography Website Tips

We can be quite impatient, and research has shown that a slow loading website will often result in a visitor giving up, and leaving the website. So choosing a website design that offers fast page and image loads is relatively important. If you do nothing else to make your web pages better, you should make them load as quickly as possible. The thing about speed is that people only notice it when it’s absent. So creating fast web pages often feels unappreciated, but if you design a website with fast loading time, so your readers will stay longer.

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