Simple SEO Tips | Just Google It! What The Power Of This Phrase Means For Businesses Today

Simple SEO Tips | Just Google It! What The Power Of This ...

Simple SEO Tips | Even though nothing can compete with having a great product or service that’s a true game-changer, there are certain marketing strategies that can make a huge difference for small businesses. Entrepreneurs may or may not understand just how crucial Google is to their business. Google is often the starting point for potential clients trying to find information, or looking for businesses on the Internet. How well your brand and website are known in Google can make an incredibly big difference for your business.

Simple SEO Tips | Website Design –

Google currently takes 90% of the search market, and is the one of the most popular websites in the world. Google revolutionized search engines by creating a product that returned vastly superior search results for the types of things people were actually searching for. Google’s success comes from their ability to organize the pages on the internet, return the most relevant results to any search term, and rank those results to help you to find the most appropriate websites. With most people using this method of web search, it is crucial that websites are designed in a way that enables Google to understand them, and to return them to their clients if they are relevant to the search term.

No SEO Means No Visitors From Search Engines | Simple SEO Tips

You just have to create a great website with stunning content, and you’ll watch the traffic roll on in. Really? Well, no. If you don’t optimize your website for search engines, they can’t categorize and rank it for keywords relevant to your business. At its most basic, SEO means finding ways to boost your website’s appearance in web visitors’ search results.

Simple SEO Tips | Just Google It! What The Power Of This ...

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Write Great Content | Simple SEO Tips

High quality content is where it all begins. You can have all the keywords in the world, but if your content is no good, people won’t stick around on your website, nor will the search engines find your website valuable. Write relevant, interesting content that has value to your website’s visitors. Write for your potential clients first, and the search engines second. Unique content is very important too. You need to provide content that has different information than what people can find on other websites.

Add New Content All The Time | Simple SEO Tips

Add new, useful content to your pages on a regular basis. Websites that have fresh content added regularly are perceived as more reliable than websites that rarely do. This also helps you to increase the amount of relevant content on your website, which can improve your rankings too. One of the best ways to make sure your website gets new content frequently is to integrate a blog into your website.

Keyword Planning | Simple SEO Tips

Determine search keywords which you want your web pages to rank highly for, and make sure those keywords appear several times on the page in prominent places, such as the page title, sub-headers, and links. When choosing a keyword phrase, you want to find one that is popular, but not too popular. This may seem counter-intuitive, but the fact is that extremely popular keywords are very desirable and so very competitive. Think about your keywords as search terms: how would someone looking for information on this topic search for it?

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Simple SEO Tips | Just Google It! What The Power Of This ...

Social Media Is Important | Simple SEO Tips

Every major search engine look at how often your website is mentioned on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Build an online community where links to your website are discussed and shared among your existing and potential users. To optimize your social content, always include some of the relevant search keywords you determined for your business in your Facebook updates, tweets, pin descriptions, etc. It’s crucial to remember to share content from your website or blog socially to give it an SEO boost too.

Simple SEO Tips | Website Design –

Back Links | Simple SEO Tips

Seek opportunities to create back links. Back links are links from related websites which point back to your website. However, you don’t want to go to a link farm and buy links and get your website potentially penalized, because that method is a thing of the past. When you have more quality websites linking to your website, and you are linking to other quality websites, the more authoritative Google determines your website to be, and more authority equals a higher search engine rank!

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