Simple Website Design Tips | If You Build It, They Will Come! Bring Clients Back For More With Your Website

Simple Website Design Tips | If You Build It, They Will Com...

Simple Website Design Tips | Long, long time ago, in a galaxy very much like ours, it was a generally accepted notion that getting more traffic to your website – any traffic – was a very good thing. If people entered the website, the thinking was: we’ve definitely won the battle for online revenue – right? An appealing website may accomplish the goal of shaping and delivering a strong brand, but its great looks alone aren’t enough to sell the products or services you’re offering. Did you know that businesses that take on a structured approach towards website conversion optimization are twice as likely to see a large boost in sales?

Simple Website Design Tips | Website Design –

Whenever someone enters your website, you have a desired action in mind. When a visitor or user completes that action, that’s a conversion. Do you want to boost your website conversions? These simple website design tips below won’t exponentially increase clicks to your website, or push it to the top of search results. However, they will help make the most of traffic that comes your way, which is more vital than quantity.

Loading Time | Simple Website Design Tips

Internet users tend to be very impatient. If loading of a website takes more than 5 seconds, you can be sure that most of the visitors will not sit around, and wait; they will definitely go surf somewhere else. Make sure your website responsive, and loads quickly, or else your potential clients will bale on you. In addition, loading speed is also a crucial element of improving SEO. Google places websites which are loading faster on top of search results, which translates to more visitors.

Simple Website Design Tips | If You Build It, They Will Com...

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Leverage Social Proof | Simple Website Design Tips

Social proof stems from the concept that people will conform to the actions of others under the assumption that those actions are reflective of the right behavior. In other words, it’s the thinking that, if other people are doing it, and I trust those people, that’s a reason why I should also be doing it. Provide results-oriented testimonials. Rather than saying “It’s the best ever!” ask the clients to be specific. Also, include product testimonials in your email newsletter in addition to your product pages.

CTA Design | Simple Website Design Tips

Call to action buttons have the tendency to get old and stale, particularly when they’re used over and over again within various marketing materials. Think about it: If you saw the same call to action button every time you visited a website, it probably wouldn’t get you clicking, even if you’ve never converted on the offer it’s promoting. Make your call to action buttons clear, with contrasting colors. Keep them short, use action-oriented words to get an immediate reaction. Show the obvious appeal or value exchange in your calls to action – make yours an offer they can’t refuse.

Text | Simple Website Design Tips

Text should be written by real people, for real people. It has to be effective from the communication point of view – it should be easy to read simple enough to remember. A single spelling mistake can ruin an otherwise fantastic business website. Every six months, review your website for conversion killers: misspellings, awkward phrasing, pixelated images, broken links, amateur-looking portfolio pieces, and so on. There is always room to optimize a website, and improve sales.

Images | Simple Website Design Tips

You know it – images are worth a thousand words. This is especially true online. Images are the most shared and liked content on social websites, so make sure you use them to your advantage. Good results are observed for high-quality images with high resolution (the use of clip art or a low-grade photo has the opposite effect). It is desirable to use more than one product image for good conversion. One of them should be large (visitor can enlarge it if necessary), and the other may be of smaller format, but it must be clickable.

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Simple Website Design Tips | If You Build It, They Will Com...

Above The Fold | Simple Website Design Tips

Keep your calls to action, newsletter sign up forms, and your unique selling points above the fold. In other words, make sure all your vital landing page information can be seen on screen, without having to scroll down. Make sure your visitor’s eyes are directed to exactly what you want them to see – without the distractions. Keep in mind that people don’t usually like to scroll – unless they’re very motivated to do so.

Simple Website Design Tips | Website Design –

About Us Page | Simple Website Design Tips

It is the page where you can place a quick resume-type synopsis of your company or yourself. Keep a customer in mind though. Be upfront about who you are. You’ll gain more trust by clearly communicating your business and what you provide. The more a person trusts you, the more likely they’ll be prepared to convert.

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