Small Business Brochures | Brochure Design Tips For The Stressed And Computer-Challenged

Small Business Brochures | Brochure Design Tips For The ...

Small Business Brochures | There is hardly a business out there that couldn’t make excellent use of a great product or service brochure. In fact, a well designed, informative brochure is often the backbone of a company’s marketing effort. Marketing brochures are basically portable salespeople. They ride along in cars, purses, and briefcases to be referenced and shared with people along their travels. Every time they get pulled out, they represent your brand and your company.

Small Business Brochures | Website Design –

If you’re a small business owner, designing brochures may not sound like the most exciting project. Nevertheless, for many companies, despite the advent of online marketing, brochures & flyers still are the most important marketing tool. It can be a very interesting task if you are not working with brochure templates and if let your creativity flow, and some of the most successful brochures we’ve seen are also the most innovative: they step outside the brochure square, they break through those brochure boundaries and they present creative ways to market services and push readers to act.

Define Your Purpose | Small Business Brochures

What do you want the brochure to do for your business? What are you trying to communicate? It is vital to be clear about the type of brochure you are designing and the message you want readers to take away. Brochures are like any other form of marketing, because you will only get out of it what you put in. Don’t design a brochure that you and only you like; remember your target audience. Who is this brochure aimed at? CEOs, housewives, human resources managers, affluent males over 50? Know your audience and speak to it, specifically.

Small Business Brochures | Brochure Design Tips For The ...

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Remember Your Brand | Small Business Brochures

A brochure can often be an extension of your brand, so be sure to remember your core brand values when designing your brochure. This will enable your clients to recognize the brochure, especially if you are at a conference or trade show. Color conveys a lot more than just aesthetics, so it’s critical to chose it wisely. When initially thinking of a color scheme for your branding, try and think about your potential clients and how you can appeal to them, rather than choosing your own favorite when it comes to color. Your color schemes should be eye catching but harmonious at the same time.

Limit Your Fonts | Small Business Brochures

Brand guidelines will often dictate how you use fonts within your marketing efforts, but if you have a little more freedom when it comes to designing printed brochures, don’t go overboard with your fonts. Most people who will take the brochure and read it will notice if your text is not justified with perfect space between the words, or if you use Comic Sans. Much like the brand message, try to keep your fonts consistent with your other marketing material and only use 3 sizes – for headings, sub-headings and general text.

Keep It Clear And Simple | Small Business Brochures

Probably the most crucial of all our design tips when it comes to creating brochures – keep it clear and simple. Make sure your audience can actually read what it is you are trying to tell them. You have to communicate your message with immediacy, brevity and clarity. The copy should not be in bulky paragraphs – you need short, sharp statements, bullet points and bold headings. If your brochure looks nice, but you are struggling to read it, how do you think your clients will cope?

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Small Business Brochures | Brochure Design Tips For The ...

A Picture Says A Thousand Words | Small Business Brochures

You do not want to overwhelm the reader with your brochure; the idea is to spark interest. Go for one or two strong images on the front cover for maximum effect. Go with big strong imagery rather than multiple, smaller images as they tend to look scrappy and will in turn dilute your brand and message. Use high quality images that will reproduce well and avoid using images from your website as their resolution will probably be too low for sharp printing.

Small Business Brochures | Website Design –

Check, Check, And Check Again | Small Business Brochures

Finally, and it’s vital that you don’t forget to do this; proofread. Before you even think of going to print with your great new brochure, make sure to go through every page and proof it for any errors. Nothing says amateur like spelling mistakes; it might seem obvious but copy checking should be standard for anything going out to the public. Check it yourself, get someone else in your company to check it, and finally get an outside opinion.

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