Small Business Website Design | Website Design Guidelines for a Small Business Owner

Small Business Website Design | Website Design Guidelines...

Small Business Website Design | These days, nearly any small business must have a website. With prices being tremendously low at the entry level, it’s becoming hard to imagine a motive for any business of any size not to have a website. Clients are looking to connect with businesses more than ever, and establishing an online presence through a website, blog or social networks provides a great way to achieve this aspiration. But there are still many small businesses missing an online presence, effectively hanging a ‘closed’ sign up for their potential clients. To the eyes of a consumer, having a superior, professionally designed website is a measure of how prosperous your small business is and how likely you are to persist in business. However, the way your website is laid out, what colors and fonts you use can mean the difference between accomplishment and disappointment. By following simple website design guidelines and constructing your page for search engines, you maximize the quantity of Internet traffic your website receives and the number of visitors who become paying clients.

Small Business Website Design | Website Design –

Color and Uniformity | Small Business Website Design

When choosing a color scheme for a website, it is imperative to do it right, guided by the main principles of the color theory and of course, follow professional advices. Before selecting the background color of your website, spend some time and think what color your end-users would favor. Color is best used when integrated throughout the business, making appearances in the logo, landing pages, websites, products and more to guarantee maximum continuity.

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Small Business Website Design | Website Design Guidelines...

Improve your Navigation | Small Business Website Design

When building your website, work out its navigation from top to bottom and create sample pages for all possible levels of the website. This helps to ensure that no matter where users land on your website, they’ll be able to orient themselves and find what they’re looking for. Strong website navigation makes it easy for guests to quickly find the information that interests them, without a potentially unsatisfying long pursuit. It also helps search engines index your essential information efficiently and effectively. Navigation is a lot easier when menu bar is displayed on the same spot on each page. One solid system helps visitors to follow their whereabouts and how to move across the page. This also avoids dead end pages where no hyperlinks are linked to other web pages.

Optimize your Website for Search Engines | Small Business Website Design

The goal when using search engine optimization on a website is to get the traffic amplified and to appear on the first few pages of the search engine, also ensuring that the website stays in this position and comes ahead of the competition in the search engine results. Realize what keywords your clients use and then use these words on your site to improve your visibility in the search engines. Knowing how to accurately market your business through search engine optimization is virtually the only way to be found on the extensive Internet.

Know your Customers | Small Business Website Design

Targeting a website to the right audience is actually a very-overlooked part of web design. For example, a site expecting a lot of traffic from elderly people will not want to go with a text-heavy design full of rich media content. By providing to a particular group’s interests and tastes, a website can keep its viewers interested for longer and get them ‘hooked’ – once engaged with your website’s content, a person is much more likely to continue all the way to buying a product or service from you, rather than simply glancing at the home page before deciding they’ve had enough.

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Small Business Website Design | Website Design Guidelines...

Calls to Action | Small Business Website Design

You want your call to action buttons to stand out from the nearby content and really command attention from your site visitors. By using calls to action in a determined way, you’ll greatly increase your repeat visitors and active participators. Color can be used to help balance the dimension of your buttons. For larger buttons, choose a color that’s less noticeable within your design (but still stands out from the background). For a smaller button, you may want to choose a brighter, distinct color to really make the button pop.

Small Business Website Design | Website Design –

When it’s outstanding, the road is cemented for your clients to keep reading your content, which will increase the chances for them to perform an action – starting a trial, getting a discount, downloading a document, etc.

All you need are crisp photographs or images and simple text that are well balanced on each page, with a few hyperlinks and a few buttons to navigate to other pages on your website. There’s no need for extra non-essential stuff on your website.

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