Small Business Website Designs | Defining Awesome Web Design: Is It Only About The Visuals?

Small Business Website Designs | Defining Awesome Web ...

Small Business Website Designs | Of all of the tools in a small business owner’s marketing arsenal, your website is one of the most effective. A well-designed website can be the crucial difference that makes a client decide to stay, browse, and purchase, instead of moving on to a competitor’s website. There’s nothing like a cluttered, bulky website to drive away potential clients. So, how can you make your website an interesting place your clients will want to come back to?

Small Business Website Designs | Website Design –

Your website is often the first interaction people have with you and your business. That means it’s a make-or-break opportunity to convert a new visitor into a potential client down the road. Many small business owners hire web design professionals to design their website, but even if you choose someone else to bring your vision to life, knowing what you want ahead of time will help ensure the final product looks great, and achieves its goal. Here are some tips to keep in mind when designing an attention-grabbing, user-friendly, and effective website for your small business.

Stay True To Your Brand | Small Business Website Designs

Your website should project the image you want the world to see – and the good news is that through website design you can control that image entirely. Brand consistency is vital here. If you give your potential client your business card, a brochure, and tell them to visit your website, all three things should have a very similar look and feel. Utilize memorable elements of your brand into your website, such as your logo, and company color scheme. Make your logo prominent on your landing page, and use it on every other page to promote your brand.

Small Business Website Designs | Defining Awesome Web ...

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Provide A Clear, Concise Navigation Method | Small Business Website Designs

Put some real thought into site layout, so clients can navigate it easily. Make sure all important elements are prominently listed. Clearly differentiated sub-sections, and even a site map can ensure a short and to the point, easy to follow navigation route, while good use of position, color, contrast, and size can all help focus the eye. Stick to one main navigation bar, stay consistent throughout your website, use sub-navigation, and keep it clean by avoiding drop down menus.

Keep It Simple | Small Business Website Designs

The whole point of using a website is that it should be fast, and easy to use. Keep it simple, and remember the website is for your clients. Your website visitors are there for a reason, and if you make them work too hard to find the information they need, or find the products or service they want, well, there are millions of other websites that they can go to instead. Today’s internet users won’t hang around for too long, so make sure the page is easy to scan. That means not being afraid to use (read: leave in) plenty of white space.

Functionality Is Paramount | Small Business Website Designs

Websites should be functional. Obviously this means that all links have to work, but it can go far beyond that! At the end of the day, if your website isn’t usable, visitors will be off – as quick as a mouse. So, when working on the web design, make the end user’s experience of the website your top priority. Users like to know where they are within a website, and if the style of a page changes dramatically, or somehow feels different from the landing page, your visitors will lose interest, and can start to feel lost. Maintain consistency – and a professional image – by ensuring everything matches, from heading sizes and typefaces to design, color and style of images.

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Small Business Website Designs | Defining Awesome Web ...

Keep It Fresh | Small Business Website Designs

If you neglect your website, your clients will assume that you are neglecting the rest of your business too! Changing content draws clients back. One easy way to refresh your content without a lot of code changes is by starting a blog. Keeping your website fresh also helps search engines like Google and Yahoo! see that your website is changing often it can boost your rankings!

Small Business Website Designs | Website Design –

Be Accessible | Small Business Website Designs

Make sure your contact information, or at least a prominent link to it is at the top, or bottom of every page of your website. And finally, if you do have contact information on your website, follow up on it. Answering your phone calls and emails is the best way to create a long-lasting client, especially as so many email messages go unanswered.

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