Small Business Website Tips | Stand Out! 5 Necessary Elements of Great Website Design

Small Business Website Tips | Stand Out! 5 Necessary ...

Small Business Website Tips | You may be slowly growing a fan base on Facebook, publishing small bits of content on Twitter, and sharing images to Pinterest. But without a digital home base, you’re scattering your efforts, and missing a powerful opportunity to engage and connect with your existing and potential clients through a dedicated website. Of all of the tools in the small business owner’s marketing arsenal, your website is one of the most effective. A great looking website can be the crucial difference that makes a potential client choose to stick around, browse, and make a purchase, instead of moving on to a competitor’s website.

Small Business Website Tips | Website Design –

You’re a small business owner, and yes, of course you realize that your company needs a solid online presence – but you have no idea how to design the website that will boost your business. Designing a great looking website that works for you doesn’t have to be difficult. There are few tricks of the trade to keep in mind when building your website so clients keep coming back for more. Whether you have a website that needs to be revamped, or you’re just starting a web design project, make sure to follow these small business website tips to help you get the website your company needs and deserves.

Plan On Becoming A SEO Wizard | Small Business Website Tips

Sure, you’re going to need some help from the pros, and eventually you might even need your own in-house SEO expert, but search engine optimization is something you have to know a thing or two about too. Search engines like certain elements in websites. Things like: A clear structure, sitemaps, meaningful URLs, relevant keywords in titles, etc. Your website should be built with at least basic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in mind. Do it right, and SEO can literally put your marketing on autopilot, enabling you to focus on boosting the quality of your business, instead of figuring out how to bring in visitors to your website.

Small Business Website Tips | Stand Out! 5 Necessary ...

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Make Branding Professional And Consistent | Small Business Website Tips

A powerful brand identity is vital, because you want your website to look as professional as possible, and instill confidence in potential clients, as part of your strategy to improve your sales. Save the smiley faces and animated graphics for emails to your friends: your website must have a professional look that matches your brand. Use colors that go with your logo colors; choose one or two fonts and use them consistently across the website and other branded materials; make sure graphics or images complement each other, and look professional.

Provide Clear Calls-To-Action | Small Business Website Tips

Especially on your landing page – but also on any pages where you’re trying to make the visitor to take some action – think about what action you want the visitor to take, and create a prominent “call-to-action” button. A “call-to-action” refers to text on your website that invites visitors to do something. Clear calls-to-action get visitors to take the next step, and go from just looking at your website to contacting your business. Having a big sale? Don’t just put up a banner that says “50% off all products.” Write one that says “50% off all products, CLICK HERE to view them.”

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Small Business Website Tips | Stand Out! 5 Necessary ...

Make The Website Easy To Navigate | Small Business Website Tips

Case study after case study has shown that making a website easier to navigate boosts its effectiveness. If your potential clients can’t find your products, how are they supposed to make a purchase? Navigation tabs or buttons should be consistent across every page. Rather than challenging people’s expectations with an unusual layout, it is probably wiser to stick to web standards for icons and navigation. Your clients will thank you. Designing a website that is easy to navigate will encourage visitors to stick around on your website longer.

Small Business Website Tips | Website Design –

Make The Website Quick To Load | Small Business Website Tips

If your website takes more than a few seconds to load, visitors may abandon it, and go to a competitor’s website instead. If your website design is graphically intense, you have to make sure you’ll have the hardware infrastructure, and bandwidth to support the designs. This is particularly critical if you’re serving a large client base, and expect substantial traffic to your website. You can help to make the site load quickly by keeping image sizes low (but still of good quality), and limiting the number of videos, widgets, photos and social media sharing buttons embedded in the design.

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