Social Branding | I Am Brand, Hear Me Roar: 7 Tips to Help Your Company Find Its Sound

Social Branding | I Am Brand, Hear Me Roar: 5 Tips to Help ...

Social Branding | Social networks are the noisiest place on the planet. Every day, there are over a billion Facebook posts and 400 million tweets. If you’re trying to be heard amid the social media chatter, try utilizing one of your most effective marketing assets: the voice of your brand. Using social media is an amazing way to not only build your brand, but it can also create brand loyalty and awareness.

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Brand voice is the purposeful, consistent expression of a brand through words and prose styles that grab attention and motivate. It’s true: The personality of your brand is determined, in large measure, by the words you use, and the sentences you write. Using the voice of your brand in a social media setting can enable you to be more memorable, more relevant and more successful in your communication with existing and potential clients. Here are some tips to help you develop your brand voice.

Define Your Brand | Social Branding

What is your business about? What value do you, and only you, bring clients each day? This is the starting point for building a distinctive brand identity that sets you apart from your competition. The truth is that many brands get into social branding without so much as a plan, or a content calendar. Planning what topics you are going to talk about will help you determine who your target audience is.

Use Social Media Real Estate Wisely | Social Branding

Most social media platforms give you a place to profile your company. This is prime real estate for branding. Select a single visual icon (your logo, perhaps?) for use across every social platform. Keep in mind that, both visually and textually, there are different rules for each social network. For example, Facebook and Google+ have different banner size and text limitations. So while your goal is consistency, make the most out of every social profile, rather than finding the lowest common denominator.

Social Branding | I Am Brand, Hear Me Roar: 7 Tips to Help ...

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Stay Consistent | Social Branding

You want each of your social profiles to be unmistakably you, aligning with your values, core message and brand voice. If you’re a fun brand, publish fun content. Serious? Stay serious. Your brand should have a voice that talks to customers in a language they understand. In order to achieve that, make sure you know your audience, one that’s receptive to your message, and congruent with your brand.

Be Real | Social Branding

Authenticity is vital. Develop a tone and style that match your brand character. Speak in your natural voice, as if you were in the company of a client or a potential business partner. Consider what your target audience likes besides your product or service, and explore how you can integrate these things into messaging. Summed up: Be true to your message, but be artful in your communication.

Plan Your Content | Social Branding

Knowing when to speak is often very important in establishing a credible brand voice in the market. Jumping in too soon, or waiting too long can make you look hasty or out-of-touch. It is very important to devise a plan for creating, curating and sharing high quality content at the right time, to showcase your expertise, support your brand position, and make your voice one that others want to hear.

Inspire | Social Branding

It takes many voices echoing the same story to make it stick. Same goes for your branding. Set the right tone and train your existing social audience, then show trust, and encourage them to take and spread that message for you. Your brand voice should be inspiring. Be bold. Speak directly to your audience, and use action verbs and short phrases. Word of mouth can be the best brand-building activity you’ll ever invest in, and representing your brand on social media will give that effort a big boost.

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Social Branding | I Am Brand, Hear Me Roar: 7 Tips to Help ...

Evolve | Social Branding

We end our discussion of brand voice by suggesting that you shouldn’t actually try to finish creating the perfect brand voice. Brand voice is not fixed. It’s fluid — keeping pace with your target audience, working across new communication platforms, and communicating in creative new ways.

Social Branding | Website Design –

A successful brand is an emotional shortcut between a company and an individual. In a world increasingly driven by social communication, a well-defined brand voice is vital to being heard in the social-media universe. There is no one way to build a connection with clients. All elements must combine with one another for an emotional connection, brilliant branding, and superb execution.

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