Social Media Marketing Strategies | Simple Methods to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Strategies | Simple Methods to Improve Your...

Social Media Marketing Strategies | It is easy to understand why people are so obsessed with social media; for marketers, the potential to grow their business via these networks is endless. For one, Social Media gives you a more direct path of contact between you and your market, and by having a strong social network you will be able to communicate effectively with existing and potential customers. In an era of greater transparency and authenticity, social media is rapidly delivering a new standard of interacting more person to person, even if it’s just one person in your company who is chosen to be the active “face” in that realm. Businesses can run promotions or have giveaways on their sites to encourage customers to ‘follow’ or ‘like’. This attracts customers to companies and creates a loyal following. People then share the company’s page and posts to spread the word and this is turn expands the community of the company.

Social Media Marketing Strategies | Website Design –

Here are some simple yet effective social media marketing methods to take control of your channels, and make some huge improvements.

Focus your Activities | Social Media Marketing Strategies

When checking your social media feeds, scan through the ‘inconsequential’ posts and focus only on reading those that are attractive or relevant to you and to your business. Take back the control of your time by recognizing how much of your day is spent on social media and how you can maximize your productivity by eliminating unrelated or multiple postings. It’s essential to streamline your social media initiatives as much as possible, in order to save time and stay focused. You can use tools to better deal with the time you spend on social media activities (, RSS, FriendFeed, etc.) By staying focused on the right viewers and streamlining as much as possible, you can be sure ALL of your marketing initiatives get the attention they deserve.

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Social Media Marketing Strategies | Simple Methods to Improve Your...

Build your Strategy | Social Media Marketing Strategies

The best social media tactical plans are tools-agnostic, and set forth objectives and metrics that take over from any particular social venue. Your plan should summarize how your small business will assimilate social media marketing into existing marketing strategies. The most valuable resource for a marketer is time. Social media can exhaust your time, especially with the appearance of new platforms. You need to have a plan—and more significantly, an objective—and be able to evaluate what you are doing. If you have no implementation strategy, your content is likely going to fall through the cracks. Set a boundary on how many posts you have to publish per day. This number can be adjusted as needed, but having a number you have to hit, even something as small as four tweets per day, gives you a target at the very least.

Be Original | Social Media Marketing Strategies

The best way to start making a difference between you and your opponent is to explore the fact that you are inimitable and what you deliver is uncommon, matchless and unequaled. Distinguish your brand. What are you passionate about? It’s not enough to be different from other similar dealers – you need to be specially different so your target audience sees your business is not only different, but better. The secret to defining what makes your business different is to comprehend what your ideal client really wants and make sure you deliver it better than anyone else. What do you uniquely offer that your customers find amazing? If you claim to be diverse in some way, show your audience the proof. Depending upon the differentiator, you might show qualifications or certifications, you might prove your claims by demonstrating your competence or uniqueness.

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Social Media Marketing Strategies | Simple Methods to Improve Your...

Social Media Marketing Strategies | Website Design –

Get Personal | Social Media Marketing Strategies

Interacting with customers in a way that makes them feel like they are dealing with other humans inspires a superior feeling of trustworthiness toward a business. Focus on connecting and engaging with a few clients. One of the great values of social media is the ability to put a personal spin on communications. And if you are a small business owner, your chance to do this is even greater. A business can engage with clients and prospects by promoting their updates, by sharing what they are saying, by mentioning them frequently, by replying to their questions, by asking them questions, by engaging them, by asking them for opinion or by sending them a direct message.

Engagement is a process of strengthening relationships and trust in your brand, and social media is the best platform to make this possible. It’s instantaneous, it’s easily reached – and most importantly: it’s where your clients are already at.

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