Social Media Marketing Tips 2014 | 5 Social Media Tips That Will Improve Your Marketing

Social Media Marketing Tips 2014 | 5 Social Media Tips That Will...

Social Media Marketing Tips 2014 | It’s clear that social media will remain to have a significant influence in 2014 on marketers and business proprietors, because they now have the ability to reach out and connect on a personal level with their target audience on a day-to-day basis. Leveraging the power of content and social media marketing can help promote your audience and client base in an intense manner. Social networks are like socializing in real life, if you want to talk to somebody, you go talk to them, or give them motive to talk to you. If you want engagement, you talk, you listen (and listen some more), then you answer back. In reality people basically enjoy being part of a business that is proactively structuring an energetic community. Studies have revealed that clients would purchase from businesses with an active Facebook fan page rather than without.

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Understand Your Audiences | Social Media Marketing Tips 2014

Clearly understanding your audience makes all the difference when you’re creating content. To create a social media tactic that works, you’ve got to segment the population and decide how to communicate with those groups. Why is this so significant? Because you can’t afford to waste the content you produce on audiences who aren’t the right match. Aligning your objectives with target audiences is vital for success. You must devote time in getting to know them. You have to know what keeps them up at night. You have to know where they hang out both online and offline. You have to figure out how to have a relevant conversation with them that helps them feel good, and helps them meet business and life goals.

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Social Media Marketing Tips 2014 | 5 Social Media Tips That Will...

Create Content Around Holidays | Social Media Marketing Tips 2014

Create a fresh product. Survey your viewers about their biggest problems, create an outline for a product that solves those problems, and show it to them to see what they think. If they like it, create it. As a rule, everybody is under pressure during the holidays. Dealers, salespeople, customers – pretty much anyone aware the holidays exist. So, if you want to stand out in the middle of other jingle-bell deals, you could do it by being anticipative of your clients’ difficulties. This may prove to be a deciding factor that lets you win the battle for the client.

Customer Experience | Social Media Marketing Tips 2014

Social media has also produced the need for customer service teams to get social. More and more customers are taking to social media to air their complaints instead of calling customer support. In fact, 42% of customers who reach out to brands via social media anticipate a response in less than 60 minutes. Make sure you post captivating, different, quality content on your pages. Don’t post too frequently but make sure you post frequently enough. Work out what your fans and followers like and work out a posting strategy which takes advantage of this. Go above and beyond for your clients by offering them a unique involvement and adding a valuable personal touch. Emotionally engaged customers are more likely to become a repeat consumer and are less likely to shop around looking for other alternatives.

Pick Your Platform Sensibly | Social Media Marketing Tips 2014

We think that the best advice for businesses that are trying to take things online and create an existence is first to watch — instead of jumping in — and look at pages that you like and make active comments about what’s going on. When it comes to choosing which social media platforms you’ll use, select those that offer the best potential for reaching your ideal audience and broadcast the type of media you’ve decided is best suited for your business. There’s a universe of social media platforms available with a range of capabilities, some of which will be more appropriate to your business needs than others.

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Social Media Marketing Tips 2014 | 5 Social Media Tips That Will...

Social Media Marketing Tips 2014 | Website Design –

Show Appreciation | Social Media Marketing Tips 2014

The more appreciated your followers feel, the more likely they are to share your content with their networks. There’s no better marketing tactic than rave reviews and pictures from existing clients. Sharing your fans’ photos of themselves at your business or using your products serves as a double way to show your gratitude for their passion and to display how great your company is to everyone viewing your page. You don’t unavoidably have to start a loyalty program or give out those cards that people tend to lose or forget. How about just distinguishing the people who frequent your business often? Get to know their name and reward them when you feel encouraged to.

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