Startup Logo Ideas | The Secrets Of Million Dollar Logos Revealed

Startup Logo Ideas | The Secrets Of Million Dollar Logos Revealed

Startup Logo Ideas | Trying to launch a business that requires a brand? A lot goes into building a brand, but one thing is certain: you will need a killer logo. A logo gives businesses a unique identifier, and clients a symbol to reference every time they think of the business. For an entity so important, the design process requires thinking, artistic inputs and thoughtful planning. In other words, you can’t simply sit down and draw a logo while watching the latest episode of Game Of Thrones.

Startup Logo Ideas | Website Design –

In an age where everyone must have a website to promote their product, service or the business behind it, the demand for a top-class logo has never been higher. A good logo can build loyalty between your business and your clients, reinforce your brand identity, and provide the professional look of a reliable enterprise. But it can cost big bucks to make a logo that really works – so you’ll want to make sure that you’re spending your dollars wisely. To help you get the most out of your investment, here are some of the most important things business owners should consider when designing their logo.

Getting Started | Startup Logo Ideas

Before you begin sketching or learning how to design a logo, you need to first clearly define the message you want your logo to communicate. Does your business have a unique personality – is it serious or lighthearted? What makes it different in relation to your competition? Any of these things (and many others) can be the central message of an effective logo. Tip: try writing down a one-sentence image and mission statement to help focus your efforts,and stay true to this statement while designing your logo.

Startup Logo Ideas | The Secrets Of Million Dollar Logos Revealed

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Look At The Logos Of Other Businesses In Your Industry | Startup Logo Ideas

A logo is what helps distinguish a business from its competitors, so it’s vitally important that the image stands out from the rest — something many business owners find challenging to achieve. Do your competitors use solid, conservative images, or flashy graphics and type? Think about how you want to differentiate your logo from other logo in your niche. What’s important is to come up with something that you believe is different from anything already out there.

Keep It Simple | Startup Logo Ideas

It’s essential you have a balanced combination of simple and quirky — you want your logo to stand out, but you don’t want your potential clients to have to sit and stare, trying to figure out the logo. A simple design enables easy recognition and allows the logo to be versatile and memorable. If you’re trying to get the attention of potential clients and remind current ones of your reach, a busy or cluttered logo isn’t going to do your business any favors. Remember, effective logos feature something unexpected or unique without being overdrawn.

Be Versatile | Startup Logo Ideas

Versatility goes a long way in making a logo design popular. If your logo is such that it looks great on roadside billboards, but horrible on coffee mugs, it will never become popular. Keep in mind that your logo should be printable in any size and, in most cases, be effective without color. For this reason, logos should be designed using vector format, to ensure that they scale to any size without affecting the quality. A great logo, in other words, boils down to two things: great concept and great execution.

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Startup Logo Ideas | The Secrets Of Million Dollar Logos Revealed

Color Is A Secondary Factor In Your Logo | Startup Logo Ideas

Your logo will appear on various materials throughout its life cycle: signs, advertising, stationery items, delivery vehicles and packaging, to name just a few. Remember that some of those materials have print limitations. The most important part of your logo is the design itself. Oh sure, it’s nice to see your logo in the colors that you will eventually use, but in the initial stages of any design the colors are of secondary importance. Designing your logo in black and white enables you to focus on the concept and shape, rather than color, which is subjective in nature.

Startup Logo Ideas | Website Design –

Don’t Change | Startup Logo Ideas

Unless you’re Google, you shouldn’t change, update, or tweak your logo design. It’s in your best interest to keep it relatively the same. Brand recognition takes time (some studies state that viewers have to see a logo three times – or even more – before they remember it). Your logo should be “future proof,” meaning that it should still be effective in 10, 20, or even 50 years. Leave trends to the fashion industry. Trends come and go, and when you’re talking about changing a pair of jeans or buying a new dress, that’s fine, but where your brand identity is concerned, longevity is key.

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