Stunning Business Cards | How to Design a Perfect Business Card for Your Business

Stunning Business Cards | How to Design a Perfect Business Card...

Stunning Business Cards | A potential client’s first contact with your company is your business card. The point is to engage with your potential clients as well as encourage them to find out more about you and what you do. You put your business card inside of presentation packages, include it in letters, and use it in a variety of other ways to let people know who you are and what your business stands for. Business cards bear your business information so that anyone you meet can get in touch with you at a later stage. You might also want to give your business card to acquaintances who want to just pass on your information to others that they think may be interested in the services you provide.

Effective business cards matter. In this era of online social networks and contact-occupied cell phone, business cards still are proof you’re serious about your business. They’re badges of originality and extensions of your brand.

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Logo | Stunning Business Cards

Your logo is an indication of formality that your business does exist. Even if you personally make the business card, you should be sure that you have your logo on it as well as your business’ name. Whether your logo is an image with tagline or just logo type, add it to your business card in an appropriate location. In reality, your logo should be the only image on your business card, so that it doesn’t take the attention away from the visual mark for your brand.

Stunning Business Cards | How to Design a Perfect Business Card...

Color | Stunning Business Cards

Stay away from the colors that are too dark, bright or light, as they can make it difficult to see your company’s contact information. Select colors that go with your company’s logo. Your logo and your cards are many times the first introduction a potential customer has to your business, so they should send the right subliminal messages to inspire any potential client to do business with you. If you have bright colors in your logo, use black or other bright colors that complement it. If your colors are muted, earthy or pastel, stick to that tones with the other colors as well. Be careful to choose complementary colors only as clashing colors can look extremely unprofessional on a business card.

Fonts | Stunning Business Cards

Is your card overly occupied with information? White space on the business card will make it easier to absorb your intended message. If you have a lot to say, include it to the back of the business card. You want your business card to stand out so that it will be memorable, and you want it to match to the businesslike expectations of your customers. The font you choose pretty much establishes the perception of uniqueness and professionalism. Pay close attention to alignment. Too much centered text can look cluttered and will be very hard to read. Also, limit your business card design down to one or two font types maximum.

Stunning Business Cards | How to Design a Perfect Business Card...

Stunning Business Cards | Website Design –

Design | Stunning Business Cards

Clean and simple is always the best. Think about using the back of the card or create a folded business card if you need more space for additional info. Lean towards contrast and balance. Dark against light, opposite colors and large elements juxtaposed with smaller ones create contrast which draws attention. Include your important only contact information such as phone and fax numbers, email address and Website address. Social network contact information for sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook can also be included, if your company actively uses these platforms to spread information and promote your services. You will only have one chance to make a memorable first impression. So make sure that you’re ready for it.

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