Successful Business Card Design | How to Select the Perfect Font for your Business Card

Successful Business Card Design | How to Select the Perfect Font...

Successful Business Card Design | A business card’s font can say more about a business or individual than the actual words. In readers’ minds, the font develops a direct correlation to the function, defiance, professionalism and stability of a business. You want your business card to stand out so that it will be remarkable, and you want it to fit in to the businesslike expectations of your customers. The font you choose underwrites much to the perception of uniqueness and professionalism.

It conveys much more than the written message containing emotion and personality. You have to make sure that your business cards are sending the right message by picking the perfect font.

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Your Branding Continuity | Successful Business Card Design

Each business has a brand or distinctiveness. Brand is built through the combination of space, color, and design. Keep your font uniform through marketing materials to ensure that your brand is easily recognizable. You don’t want your business card to stray from this, so see if the fonts on your remaining marketing materials will also work in the business card design.

Successful Business Card Design | How to Select the Perfect Font...

Consider your Target Audience | Successful Business Card Design

Knowing your target audience can take you a long way when you are faced with choosing a font to include into your business card design vision. Younger audiences are more likely to be drawn to trendy, modern font and design, while older audiences may be drawn to traditional, well-known fonts. Remember, you can only choose the right font if you keep the nature of the content and target audience in mind.

Draw Attention | Successful Business Card Design

Power fonts should be utilized for large text elements like taglines, logos, company names, or individual names; and these elements should be set apart from the rest of the business card text to attract as much attention as possible. Don’t use ornamental or unusual fonts for your name and contact info, unless it’s right for your business image. Use easy-to-read but not too common fonts.

Legibility | Successful Business Card Design

Legibility relates to how easy it is to differentiate individual letters. The simpler a font design is, the more legible it is. It is important for a font to be legible in order for the reader to be able to separate one letter from another. Some fonts are just designed to stand out from the crowd. To the degree that a font has personality, spirit, or distinction, however, it almost always suffers proportionally on the legibility balance.

Serif or Sans Serif? | Successful Business Card Design

They say that serif fonts provide continuity and engagement, and therefore increase readability. Generally serif fonts are more traditional and classic while sans serif fonts are seen as modern and futuristic. Well recognized research has shown that whole words can be recognized just as quickly as letters during an eye fixation and that single letters can be identified quicker when inserted in a word. Such a ‘Word dominance effect’ would indicate that serifs are not needed for distinguishing between single letters.

Successful Business Card Design | How to Select the Perfect Font...

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The best font for the job will be the one that is the most suitable. This may mean that the font that looks the best and is the most space efficient will not be the one that is chosen. Try diverse fonts throughout the business card design process, and, because many business cards are built around an image rather than the font, don’t settle on a font until the rest of the design is finalized. Try using power fonts for your larger text to appeal the most emotion.

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