Successful Photography Brands Explained | How To Build A Photography Brand That Gets You Hired

Successful Photography Brands Explained | How To Build A Photograph...

Successful Photography Brands Explained | It’s no secret that competition in the photography industry has gotten tough. With more people than ever deciding to turn their passion for photography into a profession and launch their own photography business, taking stunning pictures will only get you so far. You need the whole package if you’re hoping to turn your dream into a reality, and your business idea into success story. But what can help you and your photography business stand out from the crowd?

Successful Photography Brands Explained | Website Design –

It’s simpler than many photographers believe. Building a unique, compelling and memorable brand will help you stand out for all the right reasons. How you brand your business – from your logo to the business cards you hand out, from your website to different social media pages, and from your portfolio to each promo piece you put out there – everything can affect a potential client’s decision whether to hire you or not. And we’ve got a guide for busy photographers just like you to build a photography brand your potential clients will not be able to resist.

Define Your Target Audience | Successful Photography Brands Explained

You’d be surprised how much your ideal client is going to affect your business – from the equipment you’ll need, to the marketing efforts, and even your branding. If you’re targeting young brides-to-be, you’ll want to build a brand that’s quite different from the brand you’d build if you were targeting new parents. Who is your target audience? In order to build an effective brand, you’ll have to know your ideal client in terms of age, gender, income and even area where they live. Once you have this figured out, everything else will come more naturally.

Successful Photography Brands Explained | How To Build A Photograph...

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Come Up With A Name And Have A Logo Designed | Successful Photography Brands Explained

There are two routes photographers usually take – they either name their business by using their own name in combination with the word “photography” or come up with a unique name. Either way you choose to go, make sure you get it right the first time around, and try not to change it too often. Changing the name of your business down the road can do incredible damage to your reputation and marketing success. If your target audience already learned the name of your business, changing it later on will alienate them and confuse others.

Next step will be designing a logo for your business. This seemingly simple graphic will be the face of your business and it needs to represent everything you stand for, appeal to your target audience, and last pretty much as long as your business does. Make sure you don’t create an overly complex logo, because you’ll need something that’s simple enough to be used as a watermark on your pictures, both in color and gray-scale, and in various different sizes.

Write Down Your Brand’s Message | Successful Photography Brands Explained

This message should tell your potential clients what it is that makes what you do special and why they should choose you out of all the photographers already out there offering similar services. You can boil it down to a slogan, but you don’t have to. The point here is that you should know what makes you unique in your niche – whether it’s the service you’re providing, fast turnaround, lowest prices, and something completely else. Then, find a clear and simple way to communicate that to your target audience.

Create A Unique Voice For Your Brand | Successful Photography Brands Explained

What you say is important, don’t get us wrong here, but how you say it is just as important. You’ll want to come up with a unique voice for your business that you’ll use consistently throughout your marketing materials, but online and off. It’s the language and the tone you use to engage your existing or potential clients, whether you’re composing a new blog post for your website, sharing a tweet, handing out a business card at a networking event, or even answering your phone.

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Successful Photography Brands Explained | How To Build A Photograph...

Define Branding Guidelines | Successful Photography Brands Explained

If you’re the only one in charge of pretty much all of your marketing and branding efforts, you might not really need branding guidelines. However, the moment you hire an outside person to do something for you, whether it’s designing a website, a brochure, or pretty much any other marketing material, you’ll be happy that you defined your branded elements. We’re talking about a particular color scheme you’ll be using for all your digital and printed materials, a font, graphics, and even brand-oriented words. This document will help anyone working on your branded materials stay true to the nature of your brand, improving consistency and boost exposure.

Successful Photography Brands Explained | Website Design –

Build Your Online Presence | Successful Photography Brands Explained

No matter how talented you might be, no one is ever going to hire you unless they actually hear about you and the services you’re providing. And to get your name out there, no stone should be left unturned: set up a portfolio website for your business where you can showcase the best examples of your work, join social networks your potential clients are using the most and get on their radar. Remember, just as with the printed materials, you should maintain consistency throughout the web – whether it’s your website, or your Twitter account – the overall look and feel should make it obvious who’s running it.

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