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Boost Business Productivity | How To Get More Out Of Your ...

Boost Business Productivity | Small businesses don’t always have the luxury of being able to hire more people, or bringing in business consultants to boost productivity. As a business owner, this means you have to find ways to improve the productivity of your current work force. Sometimes the tiniest changes to your day-to-day routine can make the biggest difference. We can all boost productivity by saving just a small amount of time on some every day tasks, or by becoming a little more organised in the way we work.

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Portrait Photography Techniques | How to Make Excellent Portrait...

Portrait Photography Techniques | People are by far the most widely photographed subjects. However, people photography requires special treatment in terms of composition, lighting, depth of field and most importantly a “natural look”. It is a misconception that shooting portraits needs extensive studio equipment. Contrary to the popular belief, people can be photographed successfully using natural light. You don’t need to be an extraordinary photographer to be able to take a great portrait photo that captures the features, character or nature of your subject.

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Photographers Online Promotion Tips | The Essential Ways to...

Photographers Online Promotion Tips | Photography businesses find it fluent to communicate with target audiences online and are not considered spam, because they make quality content. A photographer is now faced with the task of all sorts of not-so-fun side effects of being a business owner, like running a business. Ask just about any established photographer the ratio of time consumed in making phone calls, writing emails, and building his business against the time spent behind the camera.

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