Timeless Business Card Design Ideas | 6 Things You Need To Know About Designing A Business Card That Will Make People Look Twice

Timeless Business Card Design Ideas | 6 Things You Need To Know About

Timeless Business Card Design Ideas | Business owners spend a lot of time building an online presence, setting up online portfolios, and creating elaborate marketing strategies. However, have you ever stopped to think about what a business card can say about you and your business? The answer: a lot more than you think. A business card is like a face: it’s the first thing your potential clients see when they engage with your business for the first time.

Timeless Business Card Design Ideas | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Your potential clients are likely to see your business card before they visit your website, read your brochure or your leaflet, or just about any other branded material you might happen to use to promote your business; yet still, you’d be amazed how many entrepreneurs choose not to invest in high quality business card design. Your business card is a springboard to new connections and new business opportunities. A well-designed business card will make a lasting impression — but a badly-designed card can stop your networking efforts in their tracks. So what makes a business card great?

Be Deliberate In Choosing The Information To Appear On Your Card | Timeless Business Card Design Ideas

What’s most important? Your name definitely has to be there, along with the name of your business (via your logo), your phone number and your e-mail address. Think carefully about which contact details you’re going to include – you have to be able to strike a balance between providing enough points of contact, without making your card look cluttered. Many businesses no longer include an address on their business cards, so if you’re struggling for space, you can consider removing this from your design.

Timeless Business Card Design Ideas | 6 Things You Need To Know About

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Make The Business Card An Extension Of Your Brand | Timeless Business Card Design Ideas

Another extremely important element of business card design is making sure that the business card itself is an extension of your brand. A business card represents your brand by using brand elements, such as logo, colors and fonts. It is vitally important that your business card matches your other branded materials. This helps to reinforce your brands, helping new acquaintances remember you and your business better.

Make It Readable | Timeless Business Card Design Ideas

If you’ve got a lot of information to include, you may be tempted to shrink the size of your text. Beware – small text can appear readable on a screen, but turn into an illegible smudge when printed. Be sure the font color stands out against the background of the card as well. Light gray font on a white card makes it hard to distinguish letters and numbers. It’s best to choose a font that is still legible at a small size — a reliable serif or sans serif font would be your best bet. Lastly, you want to organize the content (information and branding elements) so that it’s user-friendly and visually appealing.

Consider The Thickness Of Your Business Card | Timeless Business Card Design Ideas

When you choose to “go cheap” with your business cards, what message does that send to your potential clients? Are you really doing yourself any favors by missing out on the chance to start creating a positive brand image right from the get-go? You want your business card to be sturdy so it doesn’t get dented or torn in your wallet or business card holder. Just like a flimsy handshake will never make a good impression; neither will a flimsy business card.

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Timeless Business Card Design Ideas | 6 Things You Need To Know About

Stick To The Standard Size | Timeless Business Card Design Ideas

The average business card size is 3.5” x 2” — which means wallets and business card holders are designed to fit this size. If your business card won’t fit into these items, it may end up in the trash — making you lose out on potential business. A round card, for example, might be memorable, but it definitely won’t fit in standard business-card holder devices. You must be willing to trade convenience for memorability if you choose an unconventional shape or size.

Timeless Business Card Design Ideas | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Keep It Simple | Timeless Business Card Design Ideas

Prior generations packed as much information as possible onto their cards, filling every inch with logos, colors and information. But the most successful modern business cards lean toward clean, open designs, with just enough text to get the point across. Working within this tiny canvas you can still get creative with the space: start by considering the key information you want to include, then work your design around presenting this information in a creative way.

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