Timeless Logo Designs | The Ultimate Guide To Design: Is Your Logo Up To Par?

Timeless Logo Designs | The Ultimate Guide To Design: Is ...

Timeless Logo Designs | Not all business owners are bad artists, but there are definitely those among us who could use an art lesson or two. If you are less-than-gifted in the art department, designing your own business logo can be a difficult task. It may look easy at first glance, but there’s more to creating a company’s visual identity than just placing a name in a random shape, and calling it a day.

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A logo isn’t just a pretty visual printed next to your company’s name. It is an essential element of your brand and often the first thing your potential clients see. While creating a logo enables you to show your creative side, you may soon end up finding yourself stuck trying to decide between colors or shapes. If you think you may be ready to take a crack at making your own logo, here are a few tips to make it memorable and eye-catching.

Clarity | Timeless Logo Designs

A frequent mistake made by new designers is to over-complicate, or over-design. Simplicity is a great thing, and when in comes to design, less is definitely more. A complicated logo can be difficult to print, and more importantly, difficult to remember. Better to have a simple logo for your main design, and a souped-up version when a more complex version is appropriate, or when the reproduction medium allows. If you’re looking to grab the attention of potential clients and remind current ones of your business, a busy or cluttered logo isn’t going to do your business any favors. Some of the most effective logos have been the simplest.

Timeless Logo Designs | The Ultimate Guide To Design: Is ...

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Memorability | Timeless Logo Designs

Following closely on this principle of simplicity is that of memorability. A powerful logo design should be memorable, which is accomplished by keeping it simple, yet appropriate. Your logo design is a visual representation of what the business stands for. Everything from TV ads and roadside billboards to web banners and pop-up ads on game apps seems to be shouting a sales message in our faces. Eventually, amid the high volume of commercial communication and sale pitches, all but the most memorable messages become noise that the brain learns to filter out. Your logo will often only get a quick look, so it has to quickly leave a great impression.

Originality | Timeless Logo Designs

The last thing you want from a business logo is to have it mistaken for that of a competitor. So when considering logo design, it’s crucial to keep it original. In a world full of swooshes, arcs, leaves and other logo design cliches, this is much easier said than done. Look at what’s out there and find an opening for something new. Why not use a design that you actually thought up yourself rather than ripping off what everyone else is doing?

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Timeless Logo Designs | The Ultimate Guide To Design: Is ...

Brandability | Timeless Logo Designs

Your logo is your company’s brand, so why would you invest all of the time and energy necessary to boost the memorability of that logo if you aren’t going to use it on everything? In the digital age, where logos will appear on multiple devices, and across social media networks, you have to design something that will go beyond just paper. A great logo works as both a highway billboard and a Twitter avatar. It must look exceptionally well on different backgrounds, work for apps, icons, avatars and print. Your new logo will be reproduced at a variety of different sizes – particularly on the smallish side, so it must be flexible in size.

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Color | Timeless Logo Designs

The most vital part of your logo project is the design itself. Oh sure, it’s nice to see your logo in the colors that you will eventually use, but in the first stages of any design project, the colors are of secondary importance. One way to design a versatile logo is to begin designing in black and white. This enables you to focus on the concept and shape, rather than color, which is subjective in nature. While not critical in the initial design phases, your choice of the color scheme will have a ripple effect throughout all you business ‘look-and-feel’ material, so it is a decision that should not be taken lightly in the final stages of the design process.

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