Top Branding Secrets Revealed | Easy To Follow Guide For Building A Photography Brand That Captures The Hearts And Minds Of Your Clients

Top Branding Secrets Revealed | Easy To Follow Guide For Building ...

Top Branding Secrets Revealed | “Brand” is a word we all use on a daily basis – yet, you’d be amazed just how many myths and misconceptions surround the effort of actually building a brand identity. This is especially true among new entrepreneurs just joining the industry, trying to make a name for themselves and ear their place in the sun, and photographers are by no means an exception. As if launching a business wasn’t tiresome enough, you need to figure out what’s real, valuable advice and what’s a myth perpetuated by marketing agencies in order to get you to spend endless amounts of money on their services.

Top Branding Secrets Revealed | Website Design –

The truth of the matter is that branding doesn’t have to be as complicated or expensive as many small business owners believe – nor does it have to be a dull, torturous errand preventing you to focus on photography. What it is, however, is vitally important for the success of your business. The photography industry is an increasingly saturated one, and in order to stand out from the crowd of shooters, you’ll need a lot more than the ability to take stunning photos. Sure, it’s an important first step, but it will take you only so far. It’s branding that will get you through the thick of it once the competition gets fierce. To help you get the most out of your branding efforts, and actually have fun and enjoy the process, we put together a list of our favorite branding tactics!

Say My Name, Same My Name! | Top Branding Secrets Revealed

Yes, if you were wondering, we totally sang that tip. (We told you this would be fun, didn’t we?) All singing (and fierce choreography) aside, names are one of the first things we remember whenever we meet someone new, so start with the name of your business. You can either use your own name and add the word “photography,” or “studios” to it, or you can come up with a unique name for your business. Either way is perfectly fine, and it will depend on the amount of recognition you built around your name while being still just an amateur photographer. If people in you area or your particular niche already know your birth name, stick with it, otherwise you’ll need to start building recognition for the new name from scratch.

Top Branding Secrets Revealed | Easy To Follow Guide For Building ...

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The second thing we remember when meeting someone is their face – and the same goes for brands. The face of your photography business is the logo you choose, and it will be a major point of recognition, so make sure you can live with the logo you design for as long as you’re in business. A major logo revamp down the road isn’t always a good idea, as it might alienate your existing clients and confuse potential ones. We’ve all seen major brands try to introduce new logos, only to revert back to the original logo after catastrophic backlash from their target audience.

Dress To Impress! | Top Branding Secrets Revealed

As shallow as this might sound, we’re total slaves to our first impressions – and in the time of six-second attention spans, those first impressions are oftentimes the last ones as well. After all, we’re bombarded with sales messages from everywhere we look, and we’re buried with marketing materials, and if you don’t grab the attention of your potential clients from the moment they lay their eyes on your business card, brochure, your tweet, or even your website, they’ll move on without giving you a second thought.

The best way to consistently leave the same memorable and lasting impression is to clearly define your brand’s guidelines to ensure consistency throughout your materials and turn your brand into a striking visual experience. However, keep in mind that in order to achieve that, you’ll need to do much more than simply use your logo consistently throughout your materials. Instead, look for other elements from your logo, whether it’s particular shapes used in your logo, the color scheme, fonts, or all of the above. By visually tying together all of your materials, both online and off, you will boost exposure and raise awareness of your brand.

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Top Branding Secrets Revealed | Easy To Follow Guide For Building ...

Know What Makes You Unique | Top Branding Secrets Revealed

The visual aspects of your brand are vitally important – but their purpose is to grab the attention of your potential clients. However, unless you’re able to keep their attention, not even the most appealing letterhead will get you hired. This is why it’s crucial you take all the time you need to figure out what it is exactly that makes what you do you unique. In other words, why should your potential clients care about you and what you can do for them? Find a direct, simple, and easy way to convey the benefits of working with you, and repeat your message consistently throughout your materials.

Top Branding Secrets Revealed | Website Design –

Speak Up! | Top Branding Secrets Revealed

What you say is important, but don’t forget about the way you say it! The voice you use to deliver your message is just as important as the actual content of your message – we’re talking about the language and the tone you use to communicate your message and engage your potential and existing clients. Remember, this voice has to convey the nature of your brand, but it should also be appropriate for your target audience, so take your time to clearly define your ideal client.

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