Top Business Branding Strategies | Breakthrough Branding: Transform A Small Business Idea Into A Big Brand

Top Business Branding Strategies | Breakthrough Branding:

Top Business Branding Strategies | Any business, whether it’s a brick-and-mortar store, an online company, or an individual offering a service, has a brand. That brand is what you use to connect with clients, convey your ideology and vision, and draw in more business. What steps are you taking to brand your personal name or company name in a unique and memorable way? Get smart about branding and you’ll quickly be on your way to making your brand a household name!

Top Business Branding Strategies | Website Design –

The core of your brand is your logo. Your website, stationery items, and marketing materials, all of which should carry your logo, communicate your brand. Your brand lives in everyday interactions with your clients, the images you share, the messages you post on your website, the content of your marketing materials, and in your posts on social media. Let’s look at what it takes to brand your small business the right way so you can set yourself up for success.

Define Your Brand | Top Business Branding Strategies

The first thing you have to do is define your brand. What is it that makes your service or products unique and who is it you are trying to attract? What about your business makes it the one that a potential client should choose? These are the questions that your brand message has to answer in order to be effective. When you know who you are, you know your value. As it’s been said many times before: You don’t get paid for the work you do in an hour; you get paid for the VALUE you bring to that hour. How can you know your value if you don’t know who you are?

Top Business Branding Strategies | Breakthrough Branding:

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Create A Standout Logo | Top Business Branding Strategies

It’s crucial to have many different ways to communicate your message and convey your style to your potential clients, so you need to have both verbal and visual brand representations for your business, and a professionally designed logo will go a long way. Unless you are able to design one on your own, which looks professional, you’ll have to hire an expert. As you think about your logo, keep your audience and products in mind because you want your logo to represent your company. A good logo builds trust and a strong logo will help to pull your brand together.

Find Your Voice | Top Business Branding Strategies

What you say is important, but don’t ignore the way you say it. Your company’s voice is the language and tone you and your employees will use to deliver your branding message and reach your clients. This voice should be applied to all written communication and incorporated in the visual imagery of all materials, online and off. Is your brand laid back? Be conversational. Is it luxurious? Be more formal. Not sure what your voice should be? Look at other brands. What do they do that you’d like to emulate? How do they greet and communicate with you?

Be Consistent | Top Business Branding Strategies

To build and maintain a strong brand, every element of your brand should be as good as your product or service and you must be consistent in presenting your brand. This includes not only your business name, logo, overall aesthetic design, products and services, but also trickles into your marketing materials, website, appearances at trade shows and conferences, content posted to social media, and so on. Create templates and define brand standards for your marketing materials. Use the same color scheme, logo placement, look and feel throughout. You don’t need to be fancy, just consistent.

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Top Business Branding Strategies | Breakthrough Branding:

Be True To Your Brand Promise | Top Business Branding Strategies

Letting your clients down by failing to live up to your own promises and brand standards can be really harmful for small businesses that depend heavily on word of mouth marketing. The foundation of brand loyalty lies in outstanding service – a happy client is a loyal client. So make sure you aren’t making promises that you can’t keep. Your clients won’t return to you, let alone refer you to someone else if you don’t deliver on your brand promise.

Top Business Branding Strategies | Website Design –

Create A Buzz With Social Media Tools | Top Business Branding Strategies

Social media is an incredibly effective tool when it comes to branding, because you literally have the whole world at your fingertips. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are all very powerful tools. Remember that your community – your clients, business partners, and fans – are a vital part of your branding. Your brand appeals to them, and they are a reflection of that brand. Being active on social media can give your customers the opportunity to engage with your brand and experience how it fits into their lives before they buy.

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