Top Marketing Collateral Ideas | Promoting Your Business Using Printed Materials: Ideas, Tips And Best Practices

Top Marketing Collateral Ideas | Promoting Your Business Using Print

Top Marketing Collateral Ideas | Your clients are a tactile group. Businesses big and small need “literature,” printed pieces that do a careful and well-thought-out job of presenting their products and services – whether it’s business cards, posters, newsletters, letterhead, product sheets and brochures, presentation folders, special event brochures, annual reports, manuals, technical bulletins, product insert sheets, labeling, or recruitment materials.

Top Marketing Collateral Ideas | Website Design –

The benefits of printed marketing collateral are countless; it’s essentially an opportunity for your potential clients to engage with your business on a tangible level and enables them to instantly get a sense of the nature of your brand. Beyond a personal sales pitch or event, a print piece will extend, confirm, assure, validate, and reinforce your message, with greater shelf life. Quality marketing collateral will easily promote your brand to clients and prospects and familiarize them with the products and services you’re providing. Check out our top tips for designing marketing collateral that wows your target audience every time!

Hire A Graphic Designer | Top Marketing Collateral Ideas

Having an appealing design is important in two ways: it helps you stand out from the crowd, and it keeps your printed marketing materials looking professional and not amateur. Remember, it’s hard to hire and trust a business that looks like it skimps on its own marketing costs, so don’t try to design your materials yourself, no matter how artistic you really are. A professional designer will make sure your stationery materials convey your business personality, while maintaining a clean and professional look.

Top Marketing Collateral Ideas | Promoting Your Business Using Print

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Set Up A Style Guide | Top Marketing Collateral Ideas

A style guide is a great way of sorting out the different elements that make up your collateral. You know your own company’s brand standards better than anyone else – your colors, message, tone, etc. This is why it’s important to have a style guide before you approach a designer to ensure consistency across all your marketing collateral. It keeps everyone on the same page about how every brand element should be used.

Develop Slightly Different Variations Of Your Logo | Top Marketing Collateral Ideas

Each type of collateral has a different intended audience, which means that each type of collateral has a slightly different goal to achieve. You should consider developing variations of the same logo to fit on certain marketing pieces. For example, you might need a rectangular logo that fits on your envelope or business card, or even a black and white and color versions.

Pay Attention To Fonts | Top Marketing Collateral Ideas

You should try and limit the number of fonts to just three when designing collateral items and use those same fonts throughout. You should also minimize your use of font weights to two or less. For example, use bold for headlines and light or regular for copy. The more font weights you use, the more cluttered it gets and harder for the reader to interpret.

Use Great Graphics | Top Marketing Collateral Ideas

If you want to grab the attention of your target audience then using just the right amount of graphics on your marketing collateral is a must. It’s usually the very first thing they will look at and it can be a make or break point for whether or not the piece will avoid the trash can. They help with the flow of your content as well as making everything easy to read and understand.

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Top Marketing Collateral Ideas | Promoting Your Business Using Print

Go For Quality | Top Marketing Collateral Ideas

The most obvious difference between digital and print marketing is that print designs go on to become real, physical objects, whereas digital efforts stay on computer screens. Your audience can touch your printed materials — and the more senses you affect, the more effective your design will be. You want your business to come off professional and reputable, which means that you need to have the best quality paper and printing your budget allows.

Top Marketing Collateral Ideas | Website Design –

Integrate Physical With Digital Collateral | Top Marketing Collateral Ideas

Business owners tend to forget that it can be a great idea to blur the line between physical and digital marketing collateral. Things like web addresses and QR codes printed on physical media can help clients access your business’s digital side, which in turn gives another chance for them to do business with you. For example, business cards can’t tell your whole story, so giving your clients a chance to scan a QR code and learn more on-the-spot can increase response rate. Add in a discount for scanning, and your business card can become a powerful interactive sales tool.

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