Top Online Marketing Advice | Five Marketing Tips For Growing Your Photography Business Quickly

Top Online Marketing Advice | Five Marketing Tips For Growing Your...

Top Online Marketing Advice | We’ve all seen many talented photographers join the industry, only to fail at running their businesses. The truth of the matter is that one of the challenges of running a photography business is figuring out how to get more clients to book you. When it comes to turning your business idea into a success story, talent alone will take you only so far. You’ve got the technical know-how, but what about the business and marketing side? There’s good news – despite what many marketing agencies would like you to believe, promoting your business doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming!

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What it needs to be, however, is creative! Think about it – the number of photographers starting their own businesses grows each day, and the growth isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. And with that comes the challenge of standing out! There are tactics, though, that you can start implementing into your daily routine today that will help you not only stand out from the crowd, but also tell your potential clients what it is that makes you unique in your niche and why you’re the photographer they need to book out of all the photographers in your area.

The Difference Between Marketing And Advertising | Top Online Marketing Advice

Many photographers mistake advertising for marketing. While they might sound similar, they are actually quite different. Advertising is just one component, or subset, of marketing. Public relations, media planning, product pricing and distribution, sales strategy, customer support, market research and community involvement are all parts of comprehensive marketing efforts. So while you may have an ad running in your local newspaper, if you’re hoping to get the most out of your marketing strategy, you’ll want to up your game!

Top Online Marketing Advice | Five Marketing Tips For Growing Your...

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Networking Is Crucial | Top Online Marketing Advice

No one will ever represent your business as effectively as you can, so get yourself out there! Attend conferences and networking events, introduce yourself to potential clients and business partners. Just make sure you go prepared – order a fresh batch of business cards with the latest contact details that are up to the standards of the services and products you’re offering. To add your business card that extra punch, include a QR code that can lead to your website when scanned. Only a few recipients will be able to resist the urge to scan the code and see what’s on the other side!

Don’t approach just potential clients when networking to raise awareness of your online presence! Instead, do your research and figure out which business owners might be interested in setting up a referral program with you. You should target businesses that target the same audience as you, but provide non-competing services. For example, wedding photographers will want to approach wedding planners, caterers, cake decorators and even florists. You’d be surprised how loyal to each other business owners can be once they really hit it off!

But Don’t Overlook The Importance Of Social Media | Top Online Marketing Advice

The amount of time we spend on social media is staggering! And while some of us could actually use a break and go on a short walk, majority will keep staring down at the screen. While this is tragic news for our health, it can be a great opportunity for your business. Social media is a simple to use, completely free way of reaching your target audience directly, and if you play your cards well, growing your business.

The secret is to keep in mind that it’s called social for a reason – don’t bombard your followers, fans, and friends with generic sales messages. Find a way to engage them in a conversation and establish a reputation of a successful industry leader by sharing tips and tricks, stories about funny situations you ran into behind the camera and industry secrets. This will give you an opportunity for your potential clients to see you as a reliable source of information and even entertainment.

Blog On A Regular Basis | Top Online Marketing Advice

Whenever we’re designing a website for a client, we recommend setting up a blog page, even if they aren’t too crazy about blogging. While maintaining a regularly updated blog is a great creative outlet, it’s also an incredibly powerful marketing tool! By blogging on a regular basis, you’ll be adding your target keywords to your website which will result in better search engine rankings and more people visiting your website. However, it’s not only search engines that appreciate creative, informative content – it’s your potential clients as well.

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Top Online Marketing Advice | Five Marketing Tips For Growing Your...

Find a few topics your potential clients will be interested in reading about and create a schedule for your blog posts. Since photography websites are notorious for being updated every 3-6 months, a regularly updated blog will keep them coming back to your website, but it will also give you unique content that you can share on social media and stand out from the sea of other photography accounts sharing the same generic content.

Top Online Marketing Advice | Website Design –

Testimonials Are More Powerful Than You Think | Top Online Marketing Advice

You’d be amazed how many photographers say they don’t want a testimonial page when we start designing a website for them. The reason – they’re ineffective! Not really, though. Boring, generic testimonials are ineffective, but that doesn’t mean you can use well-written testimonials to grow your business. People look to others and their experiences when making decisions, so the more you can showcase testimonials, the more effective your marketing pieces will be. Instead of publishing the generic “Working with them was great!” testimonials, consider putting together a questionnaire that will guide your clients through the most important points!

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