Top Photography Business Advice | Business Mistakes Every Photographer Makes At Least Once (But You Don’t Have To!)

Top Photography Business Advice | Business Mistakes ...

Top Photography Business Advice | Photographers aren’t superheros, and they do make mistakes from time to time. If the mistake has something to do with running your business, you could be putting your income and your business at risk. It’s one thing to be a good photographer, but quite another to run a wildly successful photography business. It takes an incredible amount of time and effort to make it in the professional photography industry, and build a business from the ground up. But it also takes more than artistic and technical skills; you have to be a savvy entrepreneur to survive.

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Over the past several years, an unprecedented number of amateur photographers have been entering the field of professional photography. While starting a photography business, people don’t always understand how to turn their hobby into a full-time job the right way. Most budding photographers make the same mistakes that they wish to go back and change. Knowing about these mistakes before making them could help you to avoid them.

Have A Website That Works For You | Top Photography Business Advice

Photography is an ever-evolving industry. Technology, software, and equipment can all change fast. If you don’t keep up-to-date with the latest trends, you’ll get left behind. Sure, a Flash website may look interesting, but here’s the thing: Flash websites won’t work on tablets or iPhones, so right from the get-go you’re losing a good part of your potential client base. If your happy clients send your URL to their friends or family, those friends could be immediately turned off when they try to open your website and it won’t load.

Top Photography Business Advice | Business Mistakes ...

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Stop Undercharging | Top Photography Business Advice

It’s all too common for photographers to undercharge for their services, either because they’re new to the business, or because they’ve never learned better, but this is a grave mistake. You have to know how much to charge in order to make a profit after expenses, taxes and insurance costs. If you don’t plan ahead, you will need to raise your prices down the road, and will end up losing your existing clients. Keep in mind that time is money. Make sure you’re keeping track of every minute you spend working for the client, and keep track of the costs involved. You have to charge enough to cover your cost of doing business, all while earning enough for actual profit.

Don’t Skip Making Business Plan | Top Photography Business Advice

Running a photography business is no different from running a bakery or a printing business, at least in one crucial way: It requires planning and strategy in order to achieve success. So, do YOU have a photography business plan? An actual written plan that gives a frame of reference for your business, defines your goals, and acts as a map to success? Without a clear business plan, you leave your business up to chance.

A Marketing Plan Is Essential | Top Photography Business Advice

Getting your new business’s name out there is going to be the first step to growth. Many photographers don’t put enough emphasis on marketing their businesses, and it holds them back from reaching out to new clients. Starting an email marketing campaign is the number one secret weapon that will help you to improve your photography business faster than anything else. Yet many photographers never take advantage of this incredibly powerful marketing tool. Begin compiling a mailing list, and send out quality email campaigns on a regular basis.

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Top Photography Business Advice | Business Mistakes ...

Network Like There’s No Tomorrow | Top Photography Business Advice

Networking is one of the best things you can do for your business. Period. People do business with people. Networking is an effective way to market your photography business, and if you put your heart (and brain) into it, your effort will pay off in spades. Be sure you have a good supply of business cards and a couple of brochures with you.

Top Photography Business Advice | Website Design –

Social Media Can Boost Your Business | Top Photography Business Advice

We can all appreciate the importance of starting a social media presence for a photography business, but photographers can fail if they don’t update their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social profiles regularly. You don’t have to do much: post low-res versions of your most recent shots each week, write a short behind-the-scenes or technique blog article or two that you can post links to (the right words go a long way to boosting visits to your website), comment on other photographers’ posts.

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