Top Photography Logo Ideas | 5 Easy Ways To Spice Up Your Logo

Top Photography Logo Ideas | 5 Easy Ways To Spice Up Your Logo

Top Photography Logo Ideas | If you bought a cheap logo template and simply pasted the name of your photography business, chances are, your logo sucks. You’re a part of an incredibly creative industry, and every aspect of your business should show it. At the end of the day, your logo is a vital visual cue that will tie your entire brand together and help your potential clients remember who you are and what you can do for them. It will represent your business, your brand, as well as your unique style and creative vision. That might sound like a lot to ask from such a small graphic, but it can be done.

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The truth of the matter is that the photography industry is becoming increasingly saturated, and talent alone will take you only so far. If you want to turn your business idea into a success story, you’ll need to find a way to stand out from the crowd. A logo template that many other photographers are already using is not likely to help you – in fact, it will do more damage than good! So, how do you as a serious professional stand out from the crowd and come up with a quality logo that doesn’t suck? Read on to find out.

Do Your Homework! | Top Photography Logo Ideas

In order to stand out, you’ll need to be different, so take a look at the sea of identities out there and find an opening for something new that will make your logo stand out instantly. After all, the last thing you want from your logo is to have it mistaken for a logo of another photographer! When trying to avoid brand confusion, consider the color, shape, symbolism, and flow of your design. Staying up to date on the latest design trends is not a bad idea, but what’s more important is to create a logo that successfully represents you and your business, and appeals to your target audience. Which leads us to our next point!

Top Photography Logo Ideas | 5 Easy Ways To Spice Up Your Logo

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Know Your Ideal Client! | Top Photography Logo Ideas

If you haven’t already, you need to define your target audience. And no, “everyone” cannot be your target audience. By clearly defining your ideal client in terms of age, location, gender, and even financial status, you’ll have a much better idea what you need to create in order to grab their attention and leave a favorable impression. Think about it – a logo that will appeal to a bride-to-be won’t do you any good if your target audience are agency owners looking for stock photographers. Don’t even start sketching your ideas until you’re sure who your ideal client is and what appeals to them!

Keep Things Simple! | Top Photography Logo Ideas

When in doubt, go without! Less is more! Keep it simple, stupid. There are countless ways for us to say this, but we’ll stick to our own advice and keep it simple – a simpler logo is a lot easier to remember, which is essentially your goal here: a design that will appeal to your potential clients and stick with them. But memorability isn’t the only benefit of a simple logo! It will also be easy to use in pretty much any size, whether you’re using it as a watermark on your images or on a roadside billboard. A complex logo, on the other hand, will turn into an unrecognizable smudge when printed in smaller sizes, making it a wasted investment on the whole!

Ensure Versatility! | Top Photography Logo Ideas

The complexity of the design is an important factor when it comes to your logo’s versatility, but it’s far from being the only one. Your logo will be used on a myriad of different materials and some of those applications will have production limitations. For example, you’ll want a logo that’s adaptable to any situation, including when you need to use the logo in a single color, when faxing documents or using the logo as a watermark. If you rely on color to communicate a particular message, you’ll need to find a way to communicate the same message even when the color is removed.

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Top Photography Logo Ideas | 5 Easy Ways To Spice Up Your Logo

This is why whenever we start working on a new logo for our clients, we start sketching in black and add color only when we’re completely satisfied with the look and feel of the design itself. This allows us to focus on the design without getting distracted or carried away tweaking the colors and playing with different shades. Beyond color and grayscale versions, we like to also provide all of our clients with a true single color version, using only black and negative space, making sure the logo we designed is truly a versatile marketing tool, not just a pretty design.

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Reinforce Your Brand! | Top Photography Logo Ideas

Your want your logo to stand out from the crowd, but you also want it to communicate the nature of your brand. In addition to using an icon or a graphic to communicate your message, you can also use color. Color can be an incredibly powerful tool, but you’ll need to do your research. Every color has a different meaning, and you’ll want to make sure you’re not conveying a wrong message because of a simple brush stroke. The choice itself will depend a lot on your industry, as well as your target audience, so figure out what will appeal to your ideal client, not necessarily which color is your favorite.

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