Top Photography Logos | Essential Tips For Designing A Photography Logo That Builds Your Brand

Top Photography Logos | Essential Tips For Designing A Photo

Top Photography Logos | It’s hard to argue against the importance of a logo. In non-visual fields it’s usually what clients first identify with in a brand. In the photography industry it can play second fiddle to your work, but it’s still a vital visual cue and tie-together for your clients. In an age where everyone must have a website to showcase their products, services or the company behind it, the demand for a well-designed logo has never been higher.

Top Photography Logos | Website Design –

We live in a society painted with brand logos. Even kids who can’t yet tie their own shoelaces recognize many logos or are able to figure out what a company sells just by looking at its logo. A good logo can build loyalty between your business and your clients and build a strong brand identity. In this article, we’ll get down to the nitty gritty details of what makes an effective logo design and we’ll also guide you through the principles and best practices of how to design an iconic brand symbol.

Hire A Professional | Top Photography Logos

For photographers who are looking for the full treatment and a well-thought brand design, the safest way to go is with a professional and reputable design, marketing or ad agency. If there is a limited budget, a photographer may attempt to create their own logo, but will not be able to capture the detail that a professional eye can bring to the project. Agencies often specialize with clients in specific industries. Those who work with photographers usually know better what you’re looking for and what appeals to clients in your niche.

Top Photography Logos | Essential Tips For Designing A Photo

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Find The Personality Of Your Brand | Top Photography Logos

A logo is best when it is a written or designed representation of the style of your work. Whether you’re an edgy fashion, luxury travel, lighthearted lifestyle or classic wedding photographer, your logo should have an obvious connection with your style. Target demographics, personality and culture are crucial factors that affect the brand image. What appeals to an 18-year-old will be very different to what appeals to a senior citizen.

Keep It Simple | Top Photography Logos

It’s essential to have a balanced combination of simple and quirky — you want your logo to be interesting, but you don’t want your potential client to have to sit and stare, analyzing the logo. If you’re looking to grab the attention of potential clients and remind existing ones of your photography business, a busy or cluttered logo isn’t going to do your business any favors. Some of the most successful logos have been the simplest. A simple, yet memorable design will quickly become associated with your photography business and set it apart from others in your niche.

Be Different | Top Photography Logos

The last thing you want from your logo is to have it mistaken for that of another photographer. So when considering logo design, it’s critical to keep it original. Look at what’s out there and find an opening for something new. The biggest mistake a photographer can make is designing a logo that parodies or imitates another brand’s design. A logo is a visual summary of the business it represents, and it should never remind people of another brand or business.

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Top Photography Logos | Essential Tips For Designing A Photo

Versatility Is Vital | Top Photography Logos

A logo should be flexible and usable on pretty much any medium. It should ideally work just as well on a small object such as a golf ball as it would do much larger one, from commercially printed posters upwards. An effective logo is easily recognizable at a glance, both in color and in black and white, and in any size. A good logo works as both a highway billboard and a Twitter avatar. And be sure to design a logo that can be printed in black and white so that it can be faxed, photocopied or used in a black-and-white ad as effectively as in color.

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Don’t Use More Than 2 Fonts | Top Photography Logos

There are many nice fonts out there and we would all love to use as many as we can. Unfortunately using too many fonts will most of the time result in a loss of coherence and it will make the viewer feel multiple emotions that fight against one another. If you decide to use two fonts for contrast, choose two from the same theme. Fonts that vary too much may evoke competing emotions in those viewing the logo.

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