Top Photography Marketing Secrets | 5 Untapped Marketing Opportunities In Photography Industry

Top Photography Marketing Secrets | 5 Untapped Marketing Opportunities

Top Photography Marketing Secrets | When working professionally as a photographer, taking the pictures can feel like the easiest part of the whole deal. It’s the business side of things that many photographers often find challenging when they start their own business. However, every day thousands of new photographers enter into the industry and the competition continues to grow, which means you have to step up your business game. You’ve got the technical know-how, but what about the business and marketing side? Strapped for cash and searching for ways to create some buzz around your photography? No problem.

Top Photography Marketing Secrets | Website Design –

At the end of the day, unless your calendar is not completely booked up yet, you are not done with marketing. Maybe you haven’t even gotten started yet, and that’s OK. Keep in mind, though, that marketing doesn’t have to break your budget or overwhelm you, but it should be creative and unique in order to get clients to choose your business, and you need to be willing to put in the time. Here are some of the most effective ways to get free marketing for your photography business to help you get started.

Know Your Ideal Client | Top Photography Marketing Secrets

It’s vitally important that you know exactly who your ideal client is and that you adjust every aspect of your business toward the things he or she likes. By knowing who your ideal client is and what appeals to them — especially those things that don’t relate to photography at all — you’ll more easily get their attention and draw in their business. For female photographers, for example, one incredibly effective way to get into the baby or family photography business is to join a local group of moms. Almost every city big or small has similar groups, so go join the free groups and network your heart out! Just make sure to bring business cards along with you!

Top Photography Marketing Secrets | 5 Untapped Marketing Opportunities

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Set Up A Portfolio Website | Top Photography Marketing Secrets

It’s vitally important that you have a website that showcases the best of your work. Your website will usually be the very first impression that people have of your business and can be thought of as your virtual storefront. You want to keep your target audience in mind when setting up your website and make sure that every element appeals to your ideal client. It doesn’t have to be an extensive collection of every picture you took over the years; if anything, it should be a simple website that showcases a balanced selection of your work.

Blog As Often As You Can | Top Photography Marketing Secrets

Maintaining a blog on your website is one of the best ways to let Google know that your is site active (which can boost your rankings) and shows your potential clients that you are passionate about what you do. For example, wedding photographers may want to put out a series on their blog with tips for brides for having better wedding pictures (such as hiring a professional lighting company or not getting ready in a church kitchen) whereas family photographers may post a guide explaining what to wear to a session. Once you’re done, remember to add new blog posts to Google+. Google is increasingly giving more weight to links posted on Google+ in search engine rankings, so you’ll rank higher if you use Google+ at least a little bit.

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Top Photography Marketing Secrets | 5 Untapped Marketing Opportunities

Spending Time On Social Network Isn’t Always Procrastination | Top Photography Marketing Secrets

Post your newest pictures to your Facebook page along with a short blurb about the services you’re providing. Use Twitter to tell your followers which festivals and art shows you will be attending. Social media only requires about 10-20 minutes per day, and you will begin seeing your reputation grow. Why would you want to get on Facebook when you are already blogging? Because that’s where your clients are, and it’s another great chance to engage with them in a fun, social way.

Top Photography Marketing Secrets | Website Design –

Don’t Forget About Testimonials | Top Photography Marketing Secrets

To get testimonials that are effective and not just an unoriginal phrase like “They were awesome,” write down a list of questions to ask your clients after they work with you in order to get the testimonials that will infuse your marketing pieces with extra effectiveness. Consider offering your clients one free 16×20″ print if they will jot down a quick testimonial of their experience with you so you can post it on the blog and then have them share that post with their Facebook friends. When someone sees a testimonial like this, you are very likely to get their business if they are considering hiring a photographer.

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