Top Photography Portfolios | Friends Don’t Let Friends Experiment With Their Photography Portfolio Design

Top Photography Portfolios | Friends Don’t Let Friends Exp...

Top Photography Portfolios | Dreaming about a career as a professional photographer? With the right guidance, practice, skills, network, and portfolio, you can make your dreams come true. Building a portfolio of your best work is a crucial first step for aspiring professional photographers, and it’s also a worthwhile exercise for budding amateurs. A top notch portfolio is one of the most effective ways to communicate your skills, talent and vision, particularly when it can be viewed online and around the world.

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A portfolio of your photography work is a very important thing that every photographer has to have. Many have the intention to design one, or even get as far as collecting materials, but believe that their work isn’t good enough and don’t know how best to showcase it. Putting together a portfolio can be a very beneficial activity, and hopefully these simple steps will guide you through the process!

Keep It Short & Sweet | Top Photography Portfolios

In other professions, people use their resumes to apply for potential jobs. However, as a photographer, your portfolio will act as the resume and will showcase the breadth of your work. Use your judgment when choosing the images, and use those in your online photography portfolio. Give your potential clients a taste of your talent and enough to sell your services or your images. With a portfolio, quantity counts for nothing. If the viewer wants to see more, they’ll look for it. And if they can’t find it, they’ll ask.

Top Photography Portfolios | Friends Don’t Let Friends Exp...

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Show Quality | Top Photography Portfolios

Following up to the first tip, only the best images should go into the portfolio. Consistency and distinction in your images should be a key takeaway. Remember, this is your portfolio website, not your external hard drive. So, you want to make sure that only the best of the best goes up. No one wants to see every single thing you ever shot. Showing anything but the best is often a waste of time; when you have someone’s attention, make sure every piece count.

Start Strong & End Strong | Top Photography Portfolios

The presentation of the shots is crucial to the reaction of your visitors. A badly presented collection of great images just won’t do them justice and you’ll come away disappointed. Start out with a bang. You want to put your best shot up front to catch the visitor’s attention. Why would anyone want to see the second best? When choosing a title image, don’t just choose your favorite. Try and select something that captures the essence of the collection. And with your last image, you want to reinforce everything that has come before and end with the impression of excellence.

Consider The Quality | Top Photography Portfolios

When your potential clients visit your photography portfolio or even a showcase, they expect to be able to see the images in full size if they click on them – and it would better be huge. Make sure your full size preview doesn’t mean 300×300 pixels. However, keep in mind that your online photo portfolio has to be fast and smooth. Preload the images in the background so when a viewer advances to the next image it happens immediately.

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Top Photography Portfolios | Friends Don’t Let Friends Exp...

Never Experiment With Navigation | Top Photography Portfolios

Surely you want to make your website popular, but complexity is not a good thing for it. Don’t complicate lives of your website visitors by choosing innovative and inconvenient menus. Consider placing prominent links to portfolios dedicated to each specialty, using obvious keywords as titles and links in your website’s navigation. Help to point a visitor to your portfolio sections by including links throughout your website, in addition to the website navigation. In addition to placing “previous” and “next” arrows or buttons, you should also allow viewers to flip through your images by using the left and right keys on their keyboard.

Top Photography Portfolios | Website Design –

SEO, SEO, SEO | Top Photography Portfolios

Often times photographers create beautiful sites and then wait around hoping that clients will see them. However, they forget that they need SEO (search engine optimization). How will anyone hire you, if they can’t find you in a search? Make sure your portfolio is SEO-friendly. And lastly, you want a site that helps you to connect all your social media pages with your portfolio site. This way, visitors can share your photos on social media platforms with just a click, allowing you to gain more visibility for your brand.

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