Top Photography Websites | Convert! Do These 6 Things To Your Photography Website And Attract More Clients

Top Photography Websites | Convert! Do These 6 Things To ...

Top Photography Websites | After clicking an intriguing link to your company’s website, the first thing a visitor sees is your landing page. It’s a great opportunity to introduce your business, collect an email address and leave a lasting impression that makes them curious for more. Or it can send them running in the other direction. When it comes to photography websites, the buzz-word for us all is CONVERSION. No matter how streamlined your marketing campaigns are, boosting conversions should be top of your daily to-do list. Websites generally tend to suffer a relatively low conversion rate, but this does not have to be the case with your website!

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In business, you are always going to be on a limited budget, and there won’t be enough time in the world to get everything done. Yet, you still have to find a way to boost your business. One of those ways in which you can improve your business is conversion optimization. Conversion rates are the percentage of potential clients who take a particular step you want. There are seemingly countless ways to improve your website, but as always, limited time and resources. When done right, the website optimization process can be relatively stress free, and bring about significant boost in revenue.

Simple Website Layout | Top Photography Websites

When a visitor lands on your website, they have to immediately understand the layout, and how to navigate around. Don’t clutter your website with flashy graphics and other distractions. Understand that the moment a visitor enters your website, they should be systematically taken through a highly intentional sales process from start to close. Your website design MUST use conversion-minded navigation. Your visitor should be able to immediately find the navigation menu, and interact with the website. If not they, will click off, and find another website that offers a more user friendly experience.

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Clear Call-To-Action (CTA) | Top Photography Websites

If you’re aiming to get the visitor’ information in the form of a lead, then it is vital to present that submission form in a way that they can easily find it without being obnoxious about it. The majority of marketers decide what call to action to use based on the answer to the question: what do I want visitors to do on my website? However, clever marketers would rather answer another question: what is the action clients can take on my website that will maximize revenue?

Quick Conversion Process | Top Photography Websites

Make it as easy as possible for a user to complete the conversion. If we are talking about a sale, make the check out process as simple as possible. Build a smooth and fast checkout process to avoid missing out on potential clients when they are ready to make a purchase. Test guest checkouts, short billing information forms, and one-step checkout pages!

Complete Contact Information | Top Photography Websites

It is amazing how many websites do not include contact information. The visitor needs to be confident before a conversion is going to happen. Listing your contact information is a powerful way of reassuring potential clients that you take customer service seriously. It is common to have your contact information displayed in the top right hand corner of the website. Clearly showing contact information, perhaps a phone number and/or live chat options, typically boosts conversions by giving visitors confidence that your business is “real,” and is there to answer any questions they have.

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Top Photography Websites | Convert! Do These 6 Things To ...

Relevant Information Is KEY | Top Photography Websites

As a website, you need to fulfill a number of purposes for your customers. You are not only a place from which to buy items, but you should also consider your responsibility in helping potential clients choose the right product efficiently. Provide them with information and expertise before gunning for the sale. When it comes time to reach out, and go for the sale they will be more willing to listen to the pitch and respond in a positive manner.

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Headlines Matter | Top Photography Websites

Did you know that your attention span is shorter than that of a goldfish? A goldfish has an attention span of 9 seconds, while your attention span is only 8 seconds. the headlines on your website pages are typically the first thing visitors read, and often compels them to read more or exit your site immediately. The right headline could dramatically increase your conversion rate. So test new headlines frequently.

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