Top Portfolio Website Ideas | Is Your Photography Website Working For You Or Against You? Four Questions To Help You Find Out

Top Portfolio Website Ideas | Is Your Photography Website Working ...

Top Portfolio Website Ideas | Most photographers out there have a pretty good idea just how important having a website is. Long gone are the days when you had to carry your portfolio book around from one client meeting to another to show them what it is actually that you can do for them. Nowadays, your work can be found online 24/7, making your potential clients just a few clicks away from your portfolio. However, even though most photographers do have some sort of an online presence, majority of the websites out there are pretty bad. This is great news for you!

Top Portfolio Website Ideas | Website Design –

Setting up an effective portfolio website doesn’t have to be complicated or exhausting. In fact, with the right guidance, a few industry secrets, just a tad bit of common sense, and a pinch of creativity, you can set up a website that not only showcases your work, but also helps you stand out in the endless online chatter and takes you a step or two ahead of the competition. Whether you’re just starting out in the industry and you’re setting up your very first photography website, or you already have a website up and running, and you want to check just how effective it is, we put together a list of four questions that will help you get a better idea what makes a website work!

How Many Times Have My Visitors Seen A Similar Website? | Top Portfolio Website Ideas

Photography is an exceptionally creative industry, and if you’re taking your business seriously, you need to make sure all your materials, both online and off, showcase your creative vision and portray you in the best light possible. Needless to say, this especially goes for your website. It is mind-boggling, then, why so many photographers choose to use cheap web templates when setting up their portfolio websites. Not only do these templates have all the telltale signs of bad design, but they’ll leave your visitors feeling like your website is nothing they haven’t already seen.

Top Portfolio Website Ideas | Is Your Photography Website Working ...

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Is My Website Showcasing My Work Or My Designer’s Skills? | Top Portfolio Website Ideas

On the other hand, there are photographers that do figure out the importance of setting up a unique website, but that too can be the cause of tons of headache down the road, as many will keep adding design elements, features, and special effects to ensure their website stands out and leaves a memorable impression. This is a photography website we’re talking about, after all, so you’ll want to keep in mind that your work should be the star of the show, not the flashy design. Since overly complex websites end up overshadowing the photos they’re supposed to showcase, it’s best to stick with simpler designs that push your work front and center, where it belongs!

Does It Provide My Potential Clients With Everything They Need To Hire Me? | Top Portfolio Website Ideas

You’re setting up a website to showcase your work, sure, but chances are, you have other goals in mind as well, such as growing your client base. Yet, you’d be amazed just how many photographers set up stunning websites and completely forget to include contact details, or bury them several clicks deep. After your potential clients discover your website, go through your portfolio, and decide to hire you, will they easily find your info? Don’t send them on a treasure hunt – instead, make contacting you as seamless as possible.

First, you need to include your phone number and the email address you check most frequently on each page. You can do that in the footer or the header of each page. However, that’s the bare minimum, so setting up a separate contact page is a good idea. You can add other contact details here as well, such as your physical address if you have a studio, or your social links if you use social media to promote your services and products. And lastly, consider setting up a contact form – this will allow your visitors to contact you without having to copy your email address and switch to their email client. As a result, they will be more likely to stick around and browse your website even after reaching out to you!

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Top Portfolio Website Ideas | Is Your Photography Website Working ...

Is It Easy To Use? | Top Portfolio Website Ideas

Simple designs are not only better for showcasing photography, but they’re actually a lot easier to use. For example, the navigation bar and the way you set it up can make or break the visitor’s first impression. And we know how important first impressions are! Don’t dump absolutely every link that comes to mind in there and call it a day. Choice paralysis is a real thing, and a recent study has found that the average person can focus on up 7 things at the same time, which makes simplifying your navigation bar one of the most important steps towards making your website user-friendly.

Top Portfolio Website Ideas | Website Design –

The navigation bar should feature links to only the most important pages, so limit your selection to 6-8 items. Any more and your visitors might get overwhelmed with too many choices. Remember, your goal is to enable the visitor to focus on your work, not make them try to figure out how to get from one place to another. You can always tuck away links to less important pages in the secondary navigation, whether that’s the sidebar or even in the footer of the relevant page.

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