Top Web Design Tips | Vital Ideas to make your Website a Success

Top Web Design Tips | Vital Ideas to make your Website a Success...

Top Web Design Tips | How your website is laid out, what colors, fonts and pictures you use can mean the difference between success and disappointment. The key to great web design is really very simple: you’ve got to understand the general rules of good design and follow them, constantly. Your website is often the first contact people have with you and your business. That means it’s a make-or-break chance to turn a new visitor into a potential customer down the road. Some key things to focus on are making the site as easy to use and user-friendly as possible. It should also load swiftly and provide what the readers want right up front.

Top Web Design Tips | Website Design –

Intuitive Navigation | Top Web Design Tips

The core of intuitive design is that it’s invisible. Design is intuitive when consumers can focus on a task at hand without stopping even for a second. Intuitive designs direct people’s attention to tasks that are imperative. Basically, an intuitive design focuses on experience. Designing a website that many consider easy to navigate is a complete must if you want to have a successful website. If visitors have to go back to your homepage every time to find the content they’re looking for, they aren’t likely to stay on your website very long. Website navigation is a fundamental component of overall site architecture from which all content can flow from.

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Top Web Design Tips | Vital Ideas to make your Website a Success...

Minimized Distractions | Top Web Design Tips

If there are multiple calls to action, or the navigation incorporates too many links to choose from, the viewer’s attention is diverted in too many different directions. This means they’re too busy figuring out where to go. Minimizing distractions like needless product options, links and extraneous information can significantly increase the conversion rate. When we focus our attention on something, we reduce our capability to think about or even perceive other things, even when those other things would otherwise have been apparent.

White Space | Top Web Design Tips

Basically, white space is the typescripts that don’t print anything when you type them, for instance: tab, space, and carriage return. The more white space there is the more luxurious and high-quality a design may seem. If you look at the advertisements in an exclusive women’s magazine, you will notice that most ads have very little non-negative space. To include more whitespace in your designs and deliver a better result, start thinking about each and every detail of a page. Think about margins, header, footer, menus, images and captions, items in a list, words and letters.

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Top Web Design Tips | Vital Ideas to make your Website a Success...

Top Web Design Tips | Website Design –

Call to Actions | Top Web Design Tips

It’s vital to remember that all types of content need to have a call-to-action of some sorts. Everything on your marketing website should be designed around your ‘funnel.’ That is, the path a customer takes from the home page to ultimately converting to a paying customer or subscriber. The bottom of the funnel is your ‘call to action.’ Adding considerately designed and carefully placed call to action buttons on your website can cause a higher percentage of visitors to make a purchase, complete a sign up form, or contact you.
Getting people to have an emotional association with your business is a key factor in securing long-term sales. Imagery appeals to the emotional side of our brains. Something existent, human and impactful will always help this.

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