Ultimate Logo Design Tips | The Beauty Of Simplicity: Simple Logo Design Tips That Make A Big Impact

Ultimate Logo Design Tips | The Beauty Of Simplicity: ...

Ultimate Logo Design Tips | Your logo is the visual symbol for your organization. At its most basic level it’s a label to show your ownership of something. An effective logo is the backbone of any successful company, so creating the right logo for your company is a vital first step in building a lasting and unique brand recognition. When designed with thought and skill it can be so much more – an introduction into what makes you stand out, what makes you different.

Ultimate Logo Design Tips | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Logo designers are in high demand, and it’s for good reason — a logo is usually a brand’s first impression, one that can affect a potential client’s brand perception, purchase decisions and overall attitude toward a company. Thought and planning are an important part of logo design: preparation is essential. We’ve prepared a set of tips for any business owner ready to plunge into the world of logo design.

Back To Basics | Ultimate Logo Design Tips

Obvious one, perhaps, but you’d be surprised how many entrepreneurs ignore their sketchbook. Ideas can flow much quicker between a pen and paper than they can a mouse and monitor. Doodle, scribble and jotting down basic ideas relating to the identity you want to design. When you have your concept, start sketching it out to quickly come up with ways you can execute the idea. Starting in black and white can help make sure that your design is clear, legible and printable without any distracting features. By leaving color to the end of the process, you focus on the idea. No amount of gradient or color can save a badly designed logo.

Ultimate Logo Design Tips | The Beauty Of Simplicity: ...

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Color Choices | Ultimate Logo Design Tips

Nothing leaves an impact quite like color, which is why choosing the right colors is crucial in logo design. Since color has the power to convey emotion, the company should first consider the message it wants to communicate. Adding great color, style characteristics, or subtle effects will help make your design unique to stand out among the crowd of competitors. A conservative brand will do well with blue, while a modern, passionate culture will make a statement with red. Youthful and upbeat organizations are best represented with yellow or other bright colors.

The Issue Of Originality | Ultimate Logo Design Tips

The last thing you want from a business logo is to have it mistaken for that of a competitor. So when considering logo design, it’s vital to keep it original. Look at what’s out there and find an opening for something new. A good way to avoid this issue is by designing something interesting and fresh that will impress and be memorable to your target audience. Do not use stock or clip art either — the point of a logo is to be unique and original.

Create Vectors | Ultimate Logo Design Tips

After starting with a sketch, some designers then switch to more technical sketches on graph paper. But the best way to save any pain and frustration with later iterations of your logo design is to create it using vectors. Vectors are the secret to a good logo. Creating your logo in vectors is the best idea, because it can be used and exported into pretty much any format, blown up to any size and still not grind your email to a halt. An effective logo works across a variety of media and applications. For this reason, logos should be created in vector format, to make sure that they scale to any size.

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Ultimate Logo Design Tips | The Beauty Of Simplicity: ...

Clarity | Ultimate Logo Design Tips

When designing a company logo, ask yourself what your company logo should say about your company. Does it emphasize power, tradition, speed, flexibility, health, fun, or connectivity? Any of these characteristics (and many others) can be the central message of an effective design. Target demographics, personality and culture are critical factors that determine the brand image. What appeals to an 18-year-old will be very different to what appeals to a senior citizen. The company must consider not only age, but also gender, location, education and income. All of these factors influence what people are attracted to and how they spend their money.

Ultimate Logo Design Tips | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition | Ultimate Logo Design Tips

Place your new logo everywhere. Every scrap of paper that leaves your office should feature your logo. Letterheads, Brochure. Presentation folders. Use your new logo until you’re sick of it. And then use it some some more. Brand recognition takes time (some studies state that people have to see a logo three times before they’ll remember it the next time). There’s an awful lot of logo clutter out there, so it is only by repetition will your logo break through. Don’t change your logo just because you’re tired of it, or because your competitors have.

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