Ultimate Marketing Collateral Guide | 6 Tips To Help You Conquer Your Print Marketing Campaign Challenges

Ultimate Marketing Collateral Guide | 6 Tips To Help You Conquer Your

Ultimate Marketing Collateral Guide | Despite what you might have heard, traditional marketing collateral is far from being dead. In fact, it still has a huge, vitally important role to play in building your business. If you want to build brand loyalty and repeat business, then you can’t go past print marketing collateral that raises the profile of your small business. The benefits of printed collateral are endless; it gives your potential clients an opportunity to engage with your business on a tangible level and allows them to immediately get a sense of the nature and style of your business.

Ultimate Marketing Collateral Guide | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

At the end of the day, marketing collateral drives your business. When done right, it familiarizes potential clients with the products and the services that you provide, while simultaneously promoting your brand. However, collateral materials often need to communicate a lot of information in a limited space. Add to that clients who won’t give the ad much of their time, and it’s easy to realize how your collateral material’s design becomes crucial. Here are some simple rules that apply to all types of marketing collateral to help you get started.

Create A Style Guide | Ultimate Marketing Collateral Guide

A style guide is a great way of sorting out the different elements that make up your collateral. It enables you to outline your brand elements, which include your logo and any branded graphics and imagery, as well as the fronts, key phrases and brand-oriented words, and keeps everyone on the same page about how each element should be used. Remember, in order to be effective, your marketing collateral should reflect the nature of your business brand the target audience already knows, likes, relates to, and trusts.

Ultimate Marketing Collateral Guide | 6 Tips To Help You Conquer Your

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Focus On Your Message | Ultimate Marketing Collateral Guide

All marketing collateral items should effectively convey the product’s unique value proposition. The benefits should be clearly outlined for the product’s target audience. Emphasize the most important points of your collateral boldly in order to make an instant impact on the potential client. Write an eye-stopping headline and brief, clear body copy. The messaging should also include an exact description of the product in language your target audience will be able to easily understand.

Integrate Print And Digital | Ultimate Marketing Collateral Guide

When designing marketing collateral, it can be a great idea to look for ways to link your print collateral with your other digital marketing efforts. Broaden your reach by featuring a website address and QR codes on your print marketing to drive traffic to your digital side. Maybe the most basic, and even most effective, of all interactive features is the ability for potential clients to simply scan your phone number to call you from their mobile devices. You know getting prospects on the phone is a great way to address concerns and turn a “maybe” into a “yes,” so offer an incentive for scanning your phone number to connect with potential clients and turn them into long-term, loyal brand advocates.

Invest In The Right Materials | Ultimate Marketing Collateral Guide

A paper with a rich appearance and feel adds greatly to the ambiance of your finished piece. You want your business to appear professional and reputable, which means that you have to have the highest quality paper and printing your budget allows. If this seems too expensive to maintain in the short term, then think about cutting down the costs by taking advantage of things like the economics of scale by printing your materials in bulk.

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Ultimate Marketing Collateral Guide | 6 Tips To Help You Conquer Your

Use The Right Graphics | Ultimate Marketing Collateral Guide

Graphics can help dictate the flow of your content, and keep the attention of your audience on your materials. Choose the graphic elements that best communicate the essence of what you’re trying to sell, and what you’re trying to achieve with the printed piece you’re designing. Don’t include imagery or graphics purely as design elements if they’ll end up detracting from your message.

Ultimate Marketing Collateral Guide | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Include Calls To Action | Ultimate Marketing Collateral Guide

Marketing collateral should have an instruction telling your target audience what action to take. Calls to action such as “call us now,” “visit our website today,” and “find out more” can all be effective as long as the relevant contact information is clearly featured on the marketing collateral. Provide a name, phone number, URL, or address that’s appropriate for the specific call to action. Also, ask your potential clients to “like” or “follow” you on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social network you use to promote your products and services; then, reward them with a discount coupon, special access to useful features, or some other desirable offer that motivates response.

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