Ultimate Photography Branding Guide | Top Principles Of Building A Photography Brand That Stands Out, Grabs The Attention Of Your Target Audience, And Grows Your Client Base

Ultimate Photography Branding Guide | Top Principles Of Building A ...

Ultimate Photography Branding Guide | Many business owners, not just photographers, mistakenly believe that branding is just the latest buzz word made up by shady marketers and agencies as a way to get entrepreneurs to spend as much money as possible. Even when they do recognize the power of an effective branding strategy, most business owners think that branding is something reserved for multi-million ventures. Quite the opposite is true, though – branding is vitally important for success of a business, big or small. And no, it doesn’t require millions of dollars in order to be effective either!

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Technically speaking, branding isn’t mandatory in order to start a photography business, but if you want to turn your passion for photography into a success story, it’s definitely something you’ll want to look into. It’s one of the most effective ways to stand out in a saturated market – and let’s face it, photography is becoming a really crowded place with new photographers joining the industry on a daily basis. To help you stand out from the crowd of other shooters and get yourself noticed and fully booked, we share some of the most effective and budget-friendly branding tips adapted for photographers. Let’s dive right in!

Be A Voice – Not An Echo | Ultimate Photography Branding Guide

The ultimate goal of branding is differentiating yourself from all the other shooters in your area or your particular niche. This is really important, especially since the equipment has never been more affordable, and every photographer has access to pretty much the same locations. Unless you have your own studio, there’s not much setting you apart from other photographers – other than your brand, that is! This is why it’s important you don’t copy, imitate, or parody other photography brands. Instead, take a look at what’s already out there and find an opening for something new!

Ultimate Photography Branding Guide | Top Principles Of Building A ...

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When defining your brand, you’ll want to think of it as a person. What are some of the traits of the person that would appeal to your ideal client? Are they laid back, funny, formal, professional? Are you targeting budget-conscious customers or high-end clientele? All these, and many other traits can and should be used when building a brand. Branding is much like dating, and your goal is to get the potential client to commit and become a loyal brand advocate!

Pretty Face Counts | Ultimate Photography Branding Guide

If branding is like dating, you need to make sure you grab the potential client’s attention with your appearance. And no, we don’t mean posting seductive selfies on your business account (Just don’t do it, OK?!) – we’re talking about the visual identity of your photography business. This covers everything from your logo to your packaging and color scheme and fonts you use throughout your materials. In order to create a visual identity, there’s one vital thing you’ll want to ensure: consistency.

Making sure all of your materials match your brand and communicate the essence of it is absolutely vital for the success of your business. It’s been often said that in order to remember a logo, people have to see it five to seven times, and every time you use inconsistent branding, whether it’s a Facebook post ridden with typos or using an older version of your logo, you’re not only missing a chance to engage your ideal clients, but you’re risking confusing and alienating them.

But Beauty Is Still Only Skin Deep | Ultimate Photography Branding Guide

However, even the most appealing visual identity won’t do you much good unless you deliver on your promise. There’s nothing damaging to your reputation than unfulfilled promises. At the end of the day, one of the most powerful marketing forces any photographer can have is a happy client, so you’ll want to make sure you meet and exceed all their expectations. We live in a digital age when a dissatisfied client can blast you on social media and a single tweet can do more damage than you think! This is exactly why you should never stop focusing on improving your services and products, otherwise you’re more than likely to fall behind your competitors and go out of business.

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Ultimate Photography Branding Guide | Top Principles Of Building A ...

Come Up With A Voice For Your Business | Ultimate Photography Branding Guide

Your message, or your promise, to your potential client is vitally important, but while what you say counts, so does the way you say it! Come up with a voice that matches the nature of your brand and is likely to grab the attention of your target audience. We’re talking about the language and the tone you use when engaging potential clients, whether online, in print, or even in person. As you might have guessed, consistency is absolutely crucial here as well! By using a consistent voice throughout your marketing and branding efforts, you will allow your potential clients to get to know you a bit better.

Ultimate Photography Branding Guide | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Yet, you’d be amazed just how many photographers use totally laid back tone of voice on social media, believing social media appeals to younger crowds and thinking it’s the right thing that will get them much needed attention and make them sound relatable; only to go and use formal tone of voice on their website, trying to sound more professional and reliable. This discrepancy will achieve exactly the opposite: you will confuse your potential clients and you risk sounding inauthentic and unfocused – two traits you definitely don’t want associated with your brand!

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