Unique Business Card Designs | Get Yourself Noticed! How To Create A Unique Business Card

Unique Business Card Designs | Get Yourself Noticed! How ...

Unique Business Card Designs | A business card is a business owner’s best friend, and his most effective marketing tool. Unfortunately, too many people have business cards that simply blend into the pile of cookie cutter cards already out there. These business cards tend to be forgotten, which is why they are not effective. But business cards don’t have to be dull or boring – in this post we will take a look at the opposite end of the scale.

Unique Business Card Designs | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

It doesn’t matter how you use your business card, it won’t be the marketing workhorse it should be unless it looks professional, is readable, and helps existing and potential clients remember what you sell, and why they should buy it from you. Your card speaks for you and helps people remember you long after you’re gone. This is why it’s crucial that your business card works for your business just as hard as you do. These tips may not be the best fit for every brand, or indeed always work in the real world due to time or cost limitations, but they should help inspire you, and encourage you to think a little more creatively!

Material | Unique Business Card Designs

If you’re willing to get a little more creative, keep in mind that you can print onto all sorts of different materials including transparent plastics, metals, wood, or even slate. Use leather, blinking or Braille business cards (yes, these actually exist too!) Keep in mind that cards need to be portable, and easy to file away in a pocket or briefcase, but get creative with your choice of stock material and you’ll instantly stand out from everyday business cards.

Unique Business Card Designs | Get Yourself Noticed! How ...

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Pop-Ups | Unique Business Card Designs

Just like kid’s books, some business cards can be printed as folded, pop-up cards. Talk about thinking in 3D! Some of the most memorable designs incorporate function as well as form. Examples include business card that act as a holder for hair clips, or turn into a miniature chair for your smartphone. Folded cards let you stand them up like a table tent on an exhibit or display, and you can design them as miniature brochures with additional information about your business or services.

Cut Into Your Card | Unique Business Card Designs

An effective way to make your card unique is to use a die-cut process to remove elements from the card paper, leaving a void. You can either use a die to alter the shape of your card (by rounding the corners, for example), or you can cut shapes out of the center. Most printers offer this feature for no or little extra charge. You can also specify various shapes, bite marks or hole sizes.

Be Visual | Unique Business Card Designs

Oftentimes, business cards are exchanged at large networking events. With so many contact details being exchanged, it’s very easy to confuse faces and names. A simple logo is a yawner. Try using images or graphics that start conversations and connections. When the person you’ve given your card to finds it the next day, you want to be sure they remember the situation in which the card was given. Including a photo in the business card will make sure your face is remembered, as well as your company.

Size Or Shape | Unique Business Card Designs

You want to make sure your business card is going to stand out and be remembered, particularly after being exchanged at a networking event. Having all or some of the corners on your business card rounded can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of your cards. Rectangle, schmectangle. We’ve seen squares, circles, ovals, and triangles. Each shape, however, was connected to the brand, and each shape stood out from the endless pile of the same old rectangles. However, going with an unusual shape can be tricky. A round card, for example, is quite memorable, but it definitely won’t fit the standard business-card holder devices.

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Unique Business Card Designs | Get Yourself Noticed! How ...

Recycle Old Cards | Unique Business Card Designs

Old business cards, postcards or packaging can be re-purposed and given a new life as your business card. Recycled cards are an amazing way to lessen your carbon footprint while building a unique brand for your business. There are a lot of options out there from recycled paper, to soy-based ink, to reused paper and materials. The process can be as simple as getting some stickers printed, or as complex as hand-illustrating over the top of each old card to suit the recipient.

Unique Business Card Designs | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Double Check Everything | Unique Business Card Designs

Check twice, print once is a a well learnt adage! There is no room for errors or typos on a business card. Make sure the copy is perfect. When sending your artwork off to the print shop, make sure you’ve double-checked every single detail. There’s nothing worse than getting back your cards and discovering you missed a typo in the email address or name.

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