Unique Business Logos | Think Iconic! Is Your Logo Making A Good First Impression?

Unique Business Logos | Think Iconic! Is Your Logo Making ...

Unique Business Logos | How can small businesses stand out from the crowd in a saturated market? Is it having an unbeatable service? Lowest prices? Whether you’re running an online store or have a downtown brick-and-mortar store, a professionally designed logo can make your business name stick. As your business grows, your logo will become synonymous with the quality of service you provide, and clients will get an instant first impression about your business based on your logo, so it’s vitally important to get it right.

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The process of choosing the best small business logo is often not given the priority it truly deserves. On the occasion when it is given credence, not investing enough time or money becomes a major culprit as well. Skimping on logo originality and quality will likely negatively affect your business and it’s brand image. Whether you’re designing your logo from scratch or giving it a revamp, we hope these tips will help you get started.

Be Unique And Clever | Unique Business Logos

A logo is what helps distinguish a brand from its competitors, so it’s crucial that the image stands out from the rest — something many brands struggle with. Don’t fall for the trap of making your logo look like your competitors’ logos. What’s important is to create something that you believe is different from anything already out there. Define your message and work with a professional designer to create a visual that convey your vision and message in full.

Unique Business Logos | Think Iconic! Is Your Logo Making ...

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Make It Appropriate | Unique Business Logos

The main goal of a logo is to give visual form to your business’s identity. Knowing exactly what you want to express to clients is vital when designing a logo, particularly for a small business. Is your brand serious or lighthearted? What makes it unique in relation to your competition? If your business offers professional services, such as legal advice or medical treatment, design a logo that effectively communicates the level of professionalism expected by potential clients. Forget about humor or the cute factor for these types of companies.

Keep The Logo Readable | Unique Business Logos

Typography is obviously an essential element of a good logo. The goal of having a logo is to make your company or product name stick in the customer’s mind. Keep in mind that this can only happen if the clients can actually read it, easily, without squinting. Consider the words that you’re depicting – if they’re unusual then a simple font might work best; if they’re common words then you can usually be more creative as they’re easier to recognize. It’s not about just looking pretty: matching the qualities of the font – be it custom or off-the-shelf – to the nature of the brand is what’s critical here.

Less Is More | Unique Business Logos

Your logo should always be simple and easy to remember so that you can effectively convey your message to the customers. Make your logo attractive though so that it instantly strikes your clients. If you can’t rationalize an element that’s part of your logo design, the chances are you should remove it from the overall piece. When your logo is at its simplest, it’s probably at its strongest.

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Unique Business Logos | Think Iconic! Is Your Logo Making ...

Versatility Is Vital | Unique Business Logos

A logo is your company’s public face, so it must be easily transferable to any medium that bears your brand, regardless if it’s a fleet of trucks, business cards, online ads, or social media, or all of these. Whether you design your own logo or hire a professional to do it, make sure the design software works with vectors. Graphics designed using vectors export easily to a variety of sizes and formats and won’t slow down page loads or emails. And be sure to come up with a logo that can be printed in black and white so that it can be faxed, photocopied or used in a black-and-white ad as effectively as in color.

Unique Business Logos | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Watch Your Colors | Unique Business Logos

One thing you have to be careful of as you explore color options is cost. Your five-color logo may be stunning, but once it comes time to print it on stationery, the price won’t be so attractive. If using more than one color, make sure the final product doesn’t look busy and confusing. Every color has a different implication and can bring nuance to your message — don’t fall into the trap of conveying the wrong message because of a simple brush stroke.

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