Unique Website Designs | The Simple Tricks To Make Your Website More Engaging And Persuasive

Unique Website Designs | The Simple Tricks To Make Your ...

Unique Website Designs | Too many small businesses start with less than ideal websites. A friend of a friend knows a guy who knows a girl who created a website for her brother’s band, and, well, you know the rest. But every business gets to a point where it needs a professional online appearance. The design has to bring functionality to the design and showcase your best work at the same time, while also boosting your marketing and communications efforts. Effective web design can have a positive impact on your website’s ability to catch and hold visitor’s attention, but poor web design can do just the opposite, and have a damaging effect on your credibility.

Unique Website Designs | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

A well-designed website will help your users easily find what they are searching for and will make your business look professional. Designing a website from scratch with search engines and your target audience in mind will help your website be a success. Your company’s website is everything. So how do you make sure it’s designed to perform its primary duty – converting visitors to paying clients? Let’s find out…

The 5 Second Rule | Unique Website Designs

Keep in mind that you have just five seconds to explain your unique selling point to visitors when they enter to your website. If you don’t immediately answer a visitor’s needs, they will click “back” and leave your website. This is why all of your web pages have to load fast! How fast? Really, really fast. The thing about speed is that people only notice it when it’s absent. If you do nothing else to boost your website’s effectiveness, you should make them load as fast as possible. According to a recent study, the average online shopper expects a page to load in two seconds or less, down from four seconds in 2006; and after three seconds, up to 40% will abandon your website.

Unique Website Designs | The Simple Tricks To Make Your ...

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Use Short, Simple Copywriting | Unique Website Designs

Simplify, simplify, simplify. What is the most important thing you want to tell the visitor about on your website? If a website has too much information on a page, it could end up confusing the visitor. What are your main goals? This may sound simple, but many websites fail because their goals are not reflected in their design. Remember that writing for the web is different from writing for print. People skim online, particularly when they visit a website for the first time. You want the content of your page to give them what they want quickly, but provide enough detail for those who want expansion on the basics.

When In Doubt, Give It Space | Unique Website Designs

The most vital design tip is also the simplest: Make sure your content has breathing room; giving it proper margins will help with legibility and focus. Interface simplicity is an essential element in showcasing your most important calls-to-action and keeping your website visitors focused on what matters the most. It’s very easy these days to visually overloaded your website with images, to the point where our brains stop processing information when confronted with too many options.

Your Pages Need Great Navigation | Unique Website Designs

Keywords, social media, and pay-per-click get visitors to your landing page, but from there your navigation needs to guide your visitors to the next stage of their journey. If your visitors can’t get around on the page or on the website they won’t stick around. You should have navigation on your web pages that is simple, clear, direct, and easy to use.

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Unique Website Designs | The Simple Tricks To Make Your ...

Start With SEO In Mind | Unique Website Designs

Make sure to do your keyword research before you start designing your website. Take note of the terms you want to rank for and use them in the appropriate title tags, URL chains, H1 tags, and H2 tags to help your website rank more highly on search result pages and to help your website generate non-branded organic traffic that leads to new sales.

Unique Website Designs | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Make It Easy (And Obvious) To Take The Next Step | Unique Website Designs

Everything on your website should be designed around your “funnel.” That is, the path a visitor takes from the home page to eventually converting to a paying client or subscriber. Look at any successful ecommerce or service provider website and you will notice they include a CTA, or a “Call To Action.” The best CTAs clarify what you are offering as opposed to forcing people to figure it out on their own.

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