Valuable Website Design Tips | Stand Out! Big Ideas For Your Small Business Website

Valuable Website Design Tips | Stand Out! Big Ideas For Your

Valuable Website Design Tips | If you don’t have a website for your startup or small business, you are not the only one, but you are in serious danger to fall further behind your competition. Gone are the days when you could set up a simple website and let it sit idle for a few years. If you are not staying on top of design trends and continually improving your website, you will find yourself behind times and will lose business because of it.

Valuable Website Design Tips | Website Design –

There are a lot of options, and costs can vary wildly. Much like fashion, web design is constantly evolving with trends and fads coming and going. When it comes to building a website that will leave a professional impression, you will always do well to keep everything up to date and on trend. Luckily there are a few tips you can do to get more traffic, generate more leads and have fewer problems with your small business website.

Have A Polished, Professional Logo And Link It To Your Home Page | Valuable Website Design Tips

Your logo is a crucial part of your brand, so make sure it’s placed prominently throughout your website. It is generally considered the standard to put your business logo in either the center of the header, or in the top left corner, which means that placing it in any other place is going to distract and/or confuse your clients. Stick to practices that work! Also, it’s a great idea to link your logo back to your landing page so that visitors can easily navigate back to it.

Valuable Website Design Tips | Stand Out! Big Ideas For Your

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Make Your Website Easy To Navigate | Valuable Website Design Tips

Navigation is another pretty vital element. It’s how visitors find things on your website, so make sure to make things as accessible as possible. Give each of your navigation links a place of its own, don’t make post navigation look like category selection. Case study after case study has shown that making a website simpler to navigate boosts its effectiveness. If your potential clients can’t find your products, how are they supposed to purchase them? Break your navigation into a primary menu and a secondary one. Your primary navigation should include links to only a handful of vital pages. These are the pages that educate and sell your product.

Choose Fonts That Are Easy To Read Across Devices And Browsers | Valuable Website Design Tips

Make sure your choice of font and font size are based on readability rather than just design alone. Remember that people with different levels of vision could be visiting your website and try to be as inclusive as possible. When choosing fonts, also keep in mind that people will be looking at your website not just on a laptop but on mobile devices. Some large-scaled fonts may read well on a computer monitor, but not scale or render well on mobile, losing the desired look and feel.

Keep It Current | Valuable Website Design Tips

Keep the content fresh and current. If your 2015 website has content dated from 2010, your visitors may quickly leave your website. Having lots of content is important – but if it is all three years old it´s not going to look like your website is much of a priority. The search engines actually track this. They monitor how frequently your website changes as they visit it for indexing. At a minimum, you should check your website periodically to make sure all information is still current. Things like offers that have expired need to be removed when they expire. A regularly updated blog is a great reason for people to keep coming back.

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Valuable Website Design Tips | Stand Out! Big Ideas For Your

Optimize Your Website For Search Engines | Valuable Website Design Tips

Whether or not you choose to optimize your website for search engines should depend on how much your business will benefit from increased website traffic. It’s never advised that the business owner try to optimize their own website without professional help. Search engines like certain elements in websites, like a well-organized structure, sitemaps, meaningful URLs, relevant keywords in titles, etc. Do it right and SEO can literally put your marketing on autopilot, enabling you to focus on boosting the quality of your business, instead of figuring out how to bring in customers to your website.

Valuable Website Design Tips | Website Design –

Include Contact information | Valuable Website Design Tips

Most of your visitors will have some expectations about what information they will find on your website. Pages like an About page and Contact page are more or less mandatory. It’s vital that your visitors find what they are looking for, quickly and easily. Make sure you provide relevant contact information – including phone number, email and physical address – on your home page, or as a header on every page. The idea is to make it as easy as possible for someone to get in touch if they have a query, encounter a problem or would like more information on your products or services.

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