Vital Logo Design Tips | Design A Logo That Really Works! 6 Key Factors Of An Effective Logo

Vital Logo Design Tips | Design A Logo That Really Works!

Vital Logo Design Tips | If you’re going to make 2015 a great year for your small business, your brand identity is a great place to start. You absolutely can’t go wrong by putting some time into perfecting your branding. If you want your brand to stand out from the crowd, an effective logo is crucial. Since your logo is an essential component of your brand and usually the first thing a client sees, creating one that resonates has to be a top priority.

Vital Logo Design Tips | Website Design –

Logos are the very first things a potential client is going to notice about your business once you’ve gotten their attention. The right design will not only help you keep that attention, it will also convey who you are in a split-second. Even though anyone can design a logo, a lot of care must go into designing the perfect logo for your brand. It can be a bit tricky, so here are essential tips to create a better logo design.

Simplicity | Vital Logo Design Tips

The logo is the ultimate elevator pitch to your potential clients and business partners. You don’t have time to recite your entire business plan in an elevator pitch, and the same applies to your logo design. If you are trying to grab the attention of potential clients or remind current ones of your reach, then a busy or cluttered logo isn’t going to do you or your business any favors. Some of the most successful logos have been simple.

Vital Logo Design Tips | Design A Logo That Really Works!

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Readability | Vital Logo Design Tips

When it comes to creating a logo, choosing the right font is the most important decision you can make. More often than not, a logo fails because of a bad font choice. Don’t be afraid of a unique font in your logo, just be sure it’s readable! Choose a font that speaks immediately to your target audience and communicates the nature of your brand effectively. Avoid overly trendy fonts as you may find your logo becoming dated fairly quickly. Also, if you decide to use two fonts for contrast, choose two from the same theme. Fonts that vary too much may elicit competing emotions in those seeing the logo.

Memorability | Vital Logo Design Tips

Choose a design that is bold enough to be memorable and instantly recognizable is a vital key to success. A memorable logo will be catchy and will help in grabbing the attention of your clients. Unique and well designed logos are unforgettable. A logo is a visual summary of the company it represents, so it should never remind people of another brand or business. A good way to avoid this issue is by coming up with something interesting and fresh that will impress and be memorable to the demographic.

Functionality | Vital Logo Design Tips

Often times, a complicated logo design will work fine on a website or billboard, but when you shrink it down to fit on a pen or coffee cup, the illustration or lettering will become illegible. A logo is your company’s public face, so it must be easily transferable to any medium that bears your brand. Your logo should work as well on a business card as on the side of a truck. A good logo should be scalable, easy to print, memorable and outstanding.

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Vital Logo Design Tips | Design A Logo That Really Works!

Colors | Vital Logo Design Tips

For the uninitiated, color plays a huge role in graphic design because each color evokes different emotions. Paying attention to the science behind colors, can help you design a logo that will appeal to your audience. Bright and bold colors may grab someone’s attention, but could also seem brash; muted tones exude sophistication, but could be overlooked. Every color has a different implication and can bring nuance to your message — don’t fall into the trap of conveying the wrong message because of a simple brush stroke.

Vital Logo Design Tips | Website Design –

Timelessness | Vital Logo Design Tips

A good logo withstands the test of time. It may need some touchups to keep it fresh and prevent it from looking dated our out of style, but that’s all it should require. Changing your logo when it already has memorability in place is bad for your branding. Choose a logo that will stay current for 10 to 20 years, maybe even longer. That’s the sign of a good design. Trends come and go, and when you’re talking about changing a pair of jeans, or buying a new dress, that’s fine, but where your brand identity is concerned, longevity is key.

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