Web Conversion Strategies | Create A Winning Website! The Six Principles Of Conversion-Centered Design

Web Conversion Strategies | Create A Winning Website! ...

Web Conversion Strategies | Whenever someone visits your website, you have a desired action in mind. You might want them to sign up for a free account, become a member of your mailing list or even make a purchase – it really depends on your business and your goals. When a visitor or user completes that action, that’s a conversion. Paying attention to details and optimizing your website can boost conversions exponentially. More leads for your business equals more return on investment for your bottom line.

Web Conversion Strategies | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

An appealing, well-designed website is crucial for turning your visitors into paying clients. From product images to streamlined checkout, there are several vital conversion rate optimization techniques that you should use to help turn clicks into sales. Conversion rate optimization provides a significant opportunity for businesses of all sizes, but if you’re short on time or resources then it helps to have a bag full of tricks to kick things off.

First Impressions Last | Web Conversion Strategies

A visitor landing at your website should instantly feel comfortable and as if they’re on a familiar turf. Therefore, you must study your target market and know what they need, and what type of websites will appeal to them. Put yourself in the shoes of your ideal client and brainstorm their goals on your website. How easily could you perform the same tasks you’re asking your clients to do? Keep your website free of too much information, too many images and too much clutter. Avoid conversion drop-offs by making it easy to see why your visitor is on your page and what their next step should be.

Web Conversion Strategies | Create A Winning Website! ...

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Structure Your Navigation | Web Conversion Strategies

On far too many websites, the navigation bar is cluttered and unorganized, which means it doesn’t help drive potential clients to the pages that will give them the information they are looking for. One of the biggest mistakes people make is creating website navigation that links to just about every page on the website. That’s far too many options, and it will only confuse your visitors! Confusing navigation layouts will result in people abandoning a website rather than trying to figure it out. So instead of putting links to less important pages at the top of your home or landing pages, put those links or pieces of information at the bottom of a page in the footer.

Your Calls To Action Better Be KILLER! | Web Conversion Strategies

There are two vitally important elements in online marketing. The first is to drive traffic to your website and the second is to get the traffic to convert into sales. You can have a million visitors going to your website, but if you can’t convert them, what’s the point? Calls to action are phrases commonly found in links, buttons and headlines that are used to provoke an action from your website visitors. If you want your website visitor to do something, then use calls to action and tell them what you want them to do. Don’t put too many CTAs in your visitor’s face. Instead, limit the number of actions you want them to make to a few, very specific actions per page.

Use High-Quality Images | Web Conversion Strategies

If you created a website to sell products, include high-resolution images of your products. Design your website around large images that entice visitors and present product benefits. On your homepage, consider using a full-screen image of a popular or top selling product to promote your best offerings. Don’t skimp on the quality by taking the picture with your smart phone. Have it professionally taken, and make sure the product stands out from other parts of the image such as the background.

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Web Conversion Strategies | Create A Winning Website! ...

Give Visitors Breathing Room | Web Conversion Strategies

Readability is also an important consideration for conversion rate optimization. You should avoid cluttering your website with excessive text, for example. Leave enough space between your paragraphs and images so the potential client has space to breathe and is more able to absorb all of the benefits your website and business have to offer. Most readers will not even bother with huge blocks of small font copy. The secret is to use plenty of white space with larger fonts and shorter paragraphs.

Web Conversion Strategies | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Choose Fonts That Are Easy To Read Across Devices And Browsers | Web Conversion Strategies

Web copy is a very powerful tool, and landing pages have to be optimized to maximize your conversions. When choosing fonts, keep in mind that people will be visiting your website not just using a laptop, but also different mobile devices. Some large-scaled fonts may read well on [a computer monitor], but not scale or render well on mobile, losing the desired look and feel. As a general rule of thumb, use sans serif fonts that are easy to read at a variety of sizes.

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